free printable 2024 oscar ballots

it’s almost time to print your oscar ballots! (the oscars are march 10th) i redesigned the ballot a bit this year because i got sick of the previous years design so i hope you like it.

click here to download your ballot

how to print and use your oscar ballot

download and print the ballots. they will print best if you download the file from the browser, then open from preview to print, versus printing directly from your browser window.

print out a ballot for every person watching with you. before the oscars begin, everyone writes down their personal predictions of what the winners will be — then you follow along with the awards and everyone tallies up how many they correctly guessed out of 24 categories. you can make it extra exciting and have everyone put down $5 for the winner to win the pool.

what to serve at your oscar party

some easy appetizers and cocktails that would be perfectly fancy for an oscar party and quick to make too.

gold sugar rimmed glasses — such an easy way to fancy up your glasses

cucumber and yogurt crostinis — these are so delicious and so easy to make! always a crowd pleaser in our house

roasted grape crostini — roasted grapes might sound weird but they are so delicious especially when paired with thyme and ricotta!

smoked salmon bites — another hors-d’oeuvre that seems very fancy but only takes 5 minutes to make!

mini chicken and waffles — everyone loves chicken & waffles, everyone loves miniature food, so no brainer. we served these at our wedding and they were gone in 5 minutes.

mini fish and chips — and because of what i just said, fish + chips but in appetizer form!

gin and juice fizz — a VERY simple method to making a fancy cocktail by just using storebought juice. you could make your own juice to make it more impressive as well.

french 75s (with golden fringe drink toppers) — one of my favorite cocktails, and so elegant, perfect for the oscars!

i’ve actually see a small handful of the best picture nominees this year (barbie, poor things, killers of the flower moon, that’s more than i usually have seeen lol) i’m going to watch a few more before the oscars but i hope barbie wins. i know it won’t, but i think that it should. there i said it.

anyway, i hope you enjoy the ballots! please tag me if you use them, i love to see it!

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