freeloader // 2

free iphone wallpaper - almost makes perfect

hey you guys. i’ve decided i’m going to start designing free wallpapers regularly to share with you and because i’m very fickle. maybe you are too. so if you downloaded the last one – you can change it up now!

and yeah – this column will be named freeloader. because free / load / HAHA. you get the idea.

free mountain iphone wallpaper -- almost makes perfect

also — i’m trying something new. if you wouldn’t mind “paying” for the wallpaper with a tweet or status update, then please do that, i’m just trying to spread the word but if you hate it – tell me and i won’t do it again ok? we should all be happy in this scenario.

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  1. Christina W. says:

    I no joke posted this to fb four times and still can’t access it to save the pic. 🙁

  2. Don’t know what I did wrong, but I can’t figure out how to download the pic after posting the link on Facebook. A little help? Great blog btw! I’m new here, and you’ve already inspired me to get a few projects started!

  3. When EVER I see anything copied and not credited I make a point of writing a gentle correction as if I assume that who ever plagiarized did so in ignorance of the (unwritten?) law, custom – what I didn’t learn in high school English class – essential rule of attribution to whomever, wherever however the work was created.

    I view it as one small commitment I can make and keep about the sacred nature of creativity and originality. I do in fact believe that with quotes, for example, ppl are actually ignorant of the rule of giving credit. When people take your work for example and put it forth as their own, well, it’s simply stealing. Call it like it is, not some detail or nicety to give credit, but essential to trust and transparency.

    We don’t like being spied upon by govt agencies. The least we can do is not steal each others most open and giving of acts, that of sharing for all at no cost, requesting only to be acknowledged as a creator of something worth passing along. What such thieves think they’re doing is pathetic; feeling so inferior that they can’t create something of their own to share, or think that their own lack of honest creativity won’t eventually be realized by others is a disrespect to all of us as well as the creative originator.

    No, it cannot be too “anything” to follow up and protect the thing itself if not oneself from theft. For the good of all.

  4. btw, you are no slouch with the written word either. Love your titles, headings, etc!

    1. aww thank you so much pam! yeah – giving credit where credit is due is all we can do!