valentines day

valentines day things for kids


i love valentines day a lot, i always think its fun to wear pink and bake pink treats or make a special dinner– even when i was single and bitter about it i still wore pink hahah. rounded up some cute valentines themed books, pajamas, baking supplies and more for ya! (gonna do a separate post for valentines to give out!) Read More


my ttc journey, more updates


thought it was time for another update post– it’s been a few months since my last miscarriage. after healing from my D&C, i’m mostly now ready to try again. the idea of having another miscarriage is beyond terrifying, i don’t actually know if i can even handle it, but first i’ll share more details about what’s gone on since. Read More


costa rica (with kids)


we just got back from costa rica and i had lots of messages asking for a blog post with travel tips and what kid friendly tips i had— honestly, i didn’t plan the trip at all, and i was able to do a lot of activities without arlo, but i’ll do my best to help!

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pretty everything / roundup

all my favorite purchases from 2021


i thought it would be fun to round up all of the things i’ve gotten and truly loved this year, there are more than i expected once i started compiling the list lol… first up, obvously: 


duh! our new air fryer. i liked our old one a lot but we had a lot of mechnical issues with the drawer, so i was happy to swap out for a new one. it’s so beautiful, works great and is way easier to clean. the touch screen is a little less easy to use, but i’m so happy with it and we use it constantly. 


this was a gift and it’s incredible! life changing! it has all the cords you need built in, so you never need to deal with bringing cords again, you plug it straight into the wall and it can charge your phone to 100% SO QUICKLY!!! 


we’re OBSESSED with this blanket we got for xmas. it’s incredibly cozy, you won’t want to ever get off the couch if you’re under it!! (it’s also on sale right now for 25% off! not fair!) Read More


we… *almost* got a house ?!


what a weird blog post to write, but i thought it would be worth sharing that we briefly went into escrow on a house and then decided to pull out. i think the moral of the story has to be to trust your gut, and as a girlfriend put it — if it’s not a HELL YEAH, then it shouldn’t be a yeah.

in a strange turn of events, we made an offer and it was actually accepted!!! we had some concerns, but in our history of house hunting, we assumed we wouldn’t get it anyway so we may as well make an offer since it had a lot of things we were looking for.

a VIEW!!! a beautiful mountain view with a private backyard that felt like it could become a magical little oasis for us. it had a really nice layout for us, a split level (which i know a lot of people don’t like but i do) so it had a nice big family room downstairs, with a living room/dining room and kitchen on the main floor and the bedrooms on the third floor. it also had a little cabin in the backyard where gid could work. and great schools!! Read More

holiday / movies

holiday movies and shows to watch with kids


better late than never! i tried to finish this post a week ago but i didn’t, but just in time for christmas break anyway!! lots of fun holiday things to watch with your kids, thank you as always for your suggestions and making this post, because arlo only lets us watch the first two, haha. Read More

holiday / kid things

printable letter to santa


now that arlo’s at the age he can write, i thought it would be so cute to make a little printable letter to santa for him to fill in — and your kids too! i kept it simple but fun and lots of prompts to make it personalized. i hope you enjoy :)

(and to be clear, he’s only 4 so i spelled out the words for him haha)

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