holiday / kid things

cute holiday books for kids


there are so many cute holiday themed kids books that i thought i should round some up! i know hanukkah has already begun but i included some books for hanukkah as well :) 

would love to hear if you love any that i didn’t include!


holiday frame tv art


i loveee being able to change out the art on my frame tv for holidays, this year i wanted to get new art and scoured etsy, so i figured i’d share them all with you! so many pretty ones, and they’re all super inexpensive as well!

i will warn you if you’re not into vintage snowy paintings, you may not like this post lol– that is definitely the majority of the ones i liked! Read More

holiday / printables

printable holiday bucket list


i’ve made bucket lists in the past, but somehow not a holiday specific one! i love the month of december so much, i always have so much i want to do so i love a bucket list because i can put everything in one place!!

i designed two versions, the one with tons of lines for you overly ambitious people and one with only a few lines for those of you who don’t want to write a novel. 

and i filled up our entire list in case you need some inspo!

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what i ordered from amazon in november


we got a few more of these fairy string lights, honestly we’ve ordered and returned a few of these on the search for the right color and that plug in (most are battery operated only). and these are the ones we’ve reordered– they’re 100 ft long too! we love them for our tree and basically everywhere for holiday decorating — a strand on the cabinet, around our mirror, on our plants! everywhere!!! 

i got this really adorable pear stuffed animal for my godson, i love him so much! 

is this the prettiest candle?! it’s also inexpensive and comes in a bunch of pretty colors. i love it so much!! and once you’re done with the candle, you can reuse the vessel on a shelf or in the bathroom or kitchen!

my old hand mixer broke after 18 years (no joke, my mom got it my freshman year of college at target and i was really excited about baking in my apartment all alone) so i got this new hand mixer and it comes in cute pastel colors and has worked really well so far. i love being able to pull it out easily when i’m doing something quick versus using my large mixer.

i want to be those people who drink out of glasses, but we need to use non breakable for the next few years. our old ones were all cracked and broken so i got these tumblers and i’m obsessed. they look like real glass, the tall straight shape is so nice! 

we also needed a new dish brush and i found this 4 pack of dish brushes that costs the same price i’ve been buying one dish brush for! so handsome and i love that i can use these and my hands stay dry and not smelling like a sponge. 

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recipes / thanksgiving

green goddess turkey (or chicken) salad


i’ve been wanting to post this recipe for a while, but i thought this would be the perfect time for those of you who have leftover turkey from your thanksgiving dinners!! it’s my favorite way to spruce up turkey and make it totally different.

tbh i prefer this with chicken, but that’s because i just prefer chicken to turkey! either works! i love to make a big batch of this and eat it for weekday lunches. we always end up going through it. Read More

gift guide / holiday

holiday gift guide : for her


i think this is gonna be my last gift guide for the year (unless i muster up the energy to do more)! i made sure for this gift guide for her that i would only choose things that i would want, so i hope you like it too!! lots of different price points for gifts for your sister, wife, mom, aunt, girlfriends– enjoy!! Read More