printable autumn bucket list


so i’ve already designed a bucket list for autumn/winter but since we’re making the absolute most of things these days, i thought a SPECIFIC autumn bucket list was in order, and i’ll make another one for winter!

i’m sooo excited to do all the fall things but i kept this list a lot shorter than the other so it could be just focused on the fun seasonal activities (i usually include house projects etc as well) but i kept this one JUST FOR FUN.

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jewish holidays / recipes

apple bundt cake with honey glaze


we made this cake for rosh hashanah and i had to share it (because i keep getting DMs asking for the specifics). it’s jake cohens apple honey snacking cake recipe, but when i saw it i immediately wanted to do it in bundt form with a glaze versus the confectioners sugar (i just love a glaze way more). 

this recipe is one bowl, super quick to make and SO MOIST AND DELICIOUS. tbh i was a little nervous about what it would taste like but it was so delish i may make it annually. shana tova!

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holiday / interiors

cozy fall home favorites


OMG IT’S SO CLOSE TO FALL!!! so i put together some beautiful cozy home accents to bring in to warm up your house and make it feel like autumn! i want it all. 

jewish holidays / recipes

an easy (but SUPER FANCY looking) apple tart


a few weeks ago i ordered a bag of bananas to make banana bread and they delivered a bag of apples instead. yeah– i didn’t know bags of either were really a thing but online grocery shopping is full of adventures! we are an apple family actually, but they were granny smith and we are not granny smith people, SOOOO i decided to bake something with them instead!

and i wanted to share this because i thought it would be a perfect rosh hashanah dessert!
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what i ordered from amazon in august


we’re going on a real actual vacation in a few weeks so i decided to get the portable version of our hatch sound machine because i love that it has an ok to wake color alert too (here’s the version we use at home)

decided to switch arlo’s car seat now that he’s so large and has to awkwardly climb into the behemoth we’ve had since he was in an infant one. a few of my friends have this car seat and love it so we decided to go for it and decided on the gray since multiple people who have both said the gray shows way less stains than the black.

have some of these glass spray bottles already but got a few more, they are super high quality and i love them for cleaning products.

got another color of these ribbed biker shorts that i love, if you’re not sure on sizes i would size up– they’re pretty snug

the cutest little muslin bathrobe for arlo!!

i needed a new pastry brush and i love the design of this one!

the dentist recommended arlo upgrade to a quality electric toothbrush, i searched for a long time to find a good one that looked good but ended up going with this oral-b that the dentist likes. 

arlo’s been growing out of all his pajamas and he loves the striped ones the most, so got a few more larger sizes of these.


10 creative ways to use your air fryer


i can’t believe this is my first air fryer blog post for how much i truly love mine!! i use it so much more than i ever expected. a big factor in that is definitely that i left it on our counter all year versus hiding it away between uses, because it’s always there i always think to use it. so if you’re one of those people who buys small appliance after small appliance and tucks them away forever, keep it on the counter. it may be an eyesore but you’ll actually use it.

i saw a meme that said air fryers are basically just easy bake ovens and i couldn’t agree more. maybe people who grew up with an easy bake oven love them more dearly??? 

my air fryer tips

don’t overfill your basket!

whenever i do broccoli or frozen french fries for example, the less full the basket is the better it overall cooks, when it’s super full it never does as good a job.

get the bigger size!

if you’re worried about what size to get, i would always size up. it’s much easier to have too much space versus too little– if i’m making a big batch of vegetables or something, i have to do two batches which is such a pain. so size up not down!

preheating helps!

i feel like everything just cooks more evenly when i’ve preheated so i think it’s worth doing while you’re prepping your food! 

don’t trust recipes online for cooking times

every air fryer is different, i still use air fryer recipes and they’ll usually be fine, but i always err on the side of caution with cooking times and temperatures! 

when to use your air fryer vs your oven

the reason i tend to use my air fryer more than the oven is because it takes way less time to heat up! our oven is particularly slow, but it usually takes a good 10-15 minutes to preheat, whereas the air fryer is obviously super quick. therefore you’re using less gas too! 
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