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halloween movies and shows to watch with kids


got some requests to share some kid friendly halloween movies and shows so i asked my followers on instagram to share their faves, since we’ve mostly watched this one scary episode of little mermaid tv show all month long haha. so many good suggestions!

also, i included photos of each one because arlo is super visual and it sometimes helps him to see pictures of what he’s watching before he watches it to brace himself haha.

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my favorite classic horror movies


i did a poll on instagram and making a blog post of my favorite classic horror movies (versus not making it) won, so here i am!!

i’ve been watching horror movies since i was wayyyy too young. i will never forget some of the traumatic things i saw (child’s play 2 when i was like 4, sorority house massacre 2 when i was 7 and the first scene of friday the 13th part v: a new beginning when i was about 8). I REMEMBERED these vividly throughout my life so my advice to parents is — don’t let your kids watch horror movies until they’re waaaay older ok?!?!

since then, i’ve always loved horror movies– i pretty much watch them more than any other genre. in college i even took a class on horror film and shocker, i got an A! 

the term “classic” is confusing because i’m getting older so some movies that seem recent are actually like 20 years old now so who knows what’s considered classic anymore?! ok enough talking, here are a bunch of movies i loved. Read More

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spooky halloween french toast three ways


omg i’ve always loved halloween, but this year i am going HOG WILD because arlo is sooo into it. we’ve been doing something spooky basically every day and i’ve been keeping it exciting at breakfast too.

honestly i LIVE for this extra mom stuff.

i personally find making french toast way quicker than pancakes, so i decided to just do a bunch of different halloween french toasts and it’s been a fun challenge to not only come up with spooky breakfast ideas, but also actually execute them somewhat decently (there are a couple duds i didn’t even include in this post haha). these all took me a couple minutes and really all i needed was fruit and food coloring! Read More


our spooky halloween dinner


i put together a very festive spooky dinner at home and it was so much fun. as i said, i am having the best time going all out this month!!! so i set a very spooky table while arlo was at school to surprise him, and we ate black squid ink pasta by candlelight beneath the cobwebs while listening to halloween music. 

if you are into halloween, i highly recommend doing at least one spooky dinner, i think we may do it again in a few weeks!! Read More

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horror movies to stream


you knowwww i love my horror movies, we pretty much exclusively rotate between watching reality tv and scary movies, yea we have very eclectic taste. so i love october because everyone else is finally interested in one of my biggest passions! i wanted to roundup some of my picks for what you can watch for free (mostly), if you don’t have the shudder app that would make sense, most people don’t, but if you are an avid horror fan i do actually recommend it. 

ps i have seen so many over the years that its hard to keep track of what to recommend and what i’ve assumed people have already seen, so this list isn’t my favorites of all time or anything, its just the ones i found on the streaming services. also i have my own (very long list) of ones to watch so i can continue to add if there are any gems we watch soon. Read More

home tour

house tour : nicoles traditional turned modern home


today is a special house tour! it’s the home of my best friend!! when i first saw their house before they bought it my first comment was “it’s so grownup” because of all the crown molding, nicole managed to turn it from super traditional into their own style so quickly and so well.

she moved super quickly to make so many little changes as soon as they got the place like painting the kitchen cabinets, honing their marble countertops, removing trim pieces off their fireplace to modernize it and swapping the hardware and lighting out everywhere. the changes made such a massive impact to the look and feel of the house so i am so excited to share it with you today! Read More