cucumber and yogurt crostinis


it’s basically tzakaki on bread, but these are sooo good. my FIL has been making them every summer for years and i always look forward to it, so i realized i could start doing it myself! 

it’s a super simple recipe, perfect for chill summer dinners or entertaining –but i promise it will impress all of them! my stepdad was over the other day and shocked how good they are.

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my fave things this month

my fave things this month | may



i love wearing an anklet and i upgraded mine to this cute shiny one, i love that it comes in small sizes too!


got this tumbler for my iced teas and i’m so happy with it. the color is beautiful and it fits in my cup holder and i love that the straw is chewy hahah. 


its the little things, very excited about these ponytail holders i got that look so much cuter on my wrist than the typical black ones. i personally don’t care about them matching my hair and would way rather them match my aesthetic lol.


these frozen recyclable coffee pods are so amazing, you can use to make iced or hot drinks and they work with tons of different roasters. use code PERFECT for $30 off!!


this dress looks so much more expensive than it is (normally $20), super easy to throw on all summer long and good for daytime or nighttime (and a growing bump!)


after a few times of getting my food super stuck to the grates while grilling, i got these mats and i love them. i still get grill marks with them and they just make it so much easier to cook foods that would stick (fish, chicken skin, veggies). i’m sure grill aficionados would never use them, but luckily i’m not one of those lol. 


ever since i’ve started using this moisturizer my skin is like 60% softer. i love it so much! 


after ordering a few different versions and colored leather tissue box covers, i finally found the one i love most — the camel color is perfect and it makes your tissues look so good. fyi the first couple tissues in the box will require two hands to remove haha. 

our house

our playroom — the *new* plan


our playroom has been a crazy mess of toys, my second giant dollhouse i haven’t started working on, and so many craft supplies– and since gid got a remote job last year, we barely use the other side because he works out there. Read More


pasta alla vodka


this post is in partnership with fermat commerce

it’s been a long time coming — i’ve been making this pasta for like two years now but never shared it here on the blog! it’s not my original recipe, but i’ve been making my own version of it basically weekly now so i feel very attached to it. “orange pasta” has become an important tradition for our family :) 

i got some beautiful new cookware from great jones which inspired me to finally post the recipe, the Dutchess– a 6.75-quart enamel cast iron dutch oven that looks sooo beautiful on my stovetop and i’m gonna use it all the time. 

i’m trying out this new commerce tool built by Fermat Commerce that allows you to buy products directly from the brand while staying here on my blog and would love it if you purchase with me here! let me know what you think of it!

ok so you can shop the great jones products below, without ever leaving my blog! just click on the product to shop and lmk how it works for you! and you’ll get free shipping if you spend $100!

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martha’s vineyard travel guide


well this post so late that we’re now heading back for our annual trip in a month, but whatever!

i love this island so much!! when i was a kid, my mom would take us for the summers and it has always been a magical place to me. in fact last year i was driving to my moms rental house and i started crying because i love it so much more than LA and sort of wish i lived there haha. Read More