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mini chicken + waffles


mini chicken + waffles | almost makes perfect

now that you’re hopefully in eat everything mode for the holidays — i wanted to share an appetizer recipe that is SO easy and quick, and perfect for any holiday party you might be throwing or attending, especially because you don’t need any fresh ingredients.

mini chicken + waffles | almost makes perfect

we had a very similar hors d’oeuvre served at our wedding and people went CRAZY for it. so i wanted to make my own much simpler version. this is also my second attempt since the wedding, and i learned from some mistakes so this is my best version for you guys.

mini chicken and waffles
frozen chicken
mini toaster waffles
maple syrup
sea salt
herbs de provence

mini chicken + waffles | almost makes perfect

01. cook the chicken according the packages directions. we used orange chicken without the sauce, because one of the lessons i learned from my first attempt was the frozen popcorn chicken i bought was shit. it wasn’t browned all the way around and it didn’t have a nice crunchy batter like the orange chicken does. so i recommend orange chicken!

02. toast the waffles once the chicken has just a couple minutes left.

03. assemble. that means put the chicken on top of the waffle, and stick a toothpick through. you knew that.

04. liberally sprinkle salt, and MUCH more liberally sprinkle the herbs de provence. because this was my second lesson : the first batch was a little bland. i am a huge advocate of herbs de provence. i put it on almost everything. and i swear it made such a difference with these.

05. drizzle the syrup on top and you’re ready to serve! told you that was easy.

mini chicken + waffles | almost makes perfectmini chicken + waffles | almost makes perfect

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  1. I’m making with Trader Joe’s orange chicken & organic maple syrup as one of several foods on my brunch menu…yum yum

  2. Love your ideas for party bites! Would love them even more if you could tell us how many appetizers your recipe makes ?

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