kid + baby things

arlo’s glasses — in “grapefruit” color

clothing stamp — size small, design 5

name stickers for school — font #5

light blocking floor pillow — we’ve been using this to block the light through arlo’s door for years

thinning shears — makes cutting arlo’s hair pretty easy

arlo’s car seat

izzy’s car seat

izzy’s stroller — sage green, aer+

izzy’s baby carrier — abalone color

arlo’s sneakers — the only shoes he ever wants to wear

izzy’s baby monitor — i searched a LONG time for this – i wanted a monitor that has a screen but ALSO has an app. i’m really happy with this one.

our baby gate — ours was custom made but this one looks exactly like it

arlo’s bento box

izzy’s activity center — the cutest one i’ve seen

home things

lazy susan — in “clear” finish

flatware — we dishwash, but always on the top silverware drawer

woven placemats

air fryer — this is our second air fryer and i love it much more than our old one! it works great and looks beautiful.

air purifier — “AP-1512HH” in white

digital clock

digital picture frame

calendar — love this for arlo’s room. and when the month ends, the pictures are perforated so we can keep them

pendant light in kitchen — no longer sold, but i think this is a nice alternative

lamp in kitchen — watch the video tutorial for how to setup the shade, and i use a nightlight bulb instead! the one that it came with is way too bright.

nespresso machine

frame tv — obsessed with this tv that looks like art. we have an old bezel but here’s the latest one. also rounded up a bunch of frame tv art here if that’s what you’re looking for!


media cabinet

bathroom sconces — in pinto + brass

bathroom medicine cabinets — no longer sold, but these are very similar

closet kit in izzy’s room

chair in izzy’s room

wavy mirror in izzy’s room

faux olive tree

my bed sheets

my favorite things

favorite nail polish — the perfect milky white!

moisturizer — use code ALMOST10

face tanning oil — use code MOLLYMADFIS for 10% off

popsocket — i like that you can slide it up and down and take it off whenever you need to


hand soap — le labo dupe, i refill my pretty bottles with this!

phone case + strap

usb candle lighter

tatcha face cleanser