hi, i’m molly!

my goal in life is to be surrounded by pretty things!

i’m married to gid(eon) and we have two kids — arlo and izzy. we live in the valley (the one in los angeles) and have mostly fixed our house up and i’ve been itching to move for years now…!

i love to be extra when it comes to throwing parties or making weirdly elaborate halloween themed breakfasts.

i am also very passionate about all the things i’m very passionate about– such as my air fryer, my love of salmon (we call it salmy), sparkling water (we call it sodey lol) and my family has some sort of special attachment to the mamma mia movies.

oh and my son dresses like a skeleton every weekend for two years now.

happy to have you here!

how and when
did you start your blog?

i started this blog MANY years ago when i was working as a part time TV editor looking for a creative outlet.

the reason i named it almost makes perfect was because it was kind of an ongoing joke that i wasn’t actually great at crafting, cooking, etc. that i mess things up on the regular, but this blog was meant to embrace that fact.

it’s way more fun to make things and not take yourself too seriously, be ok with messing up!

AMP started as a diy blog, my mission was to make modern crafts that felt elevated. i spent many years creating and got very tired once i had a kid, as one does. i still love to make things, i just do it way less.

so now the blog has since evolved into me sharing about our house, motherhood, entertaining, basically just all the things i’m passionate about!

get to know me

Forever On Repeat

Pet Sounds

I’d spend all my money on

Linen Napkins

my sign

Leo, Aries Rising

favorite vacation spot

Martha’s Vineyard

favorite movie

Defending Your Life

My Happy Place IS

TV in Bed

Favorite Celebrity

Larry David

My last meal

Sushi with a cold beer!

Favorite HOBBY

Setting a Pretty Table

I Can’t Live Without


a few frequently asked questions

originally i’m from newton, massachusetts. i moved to LA when i was 16 to live with my mom in los feliz. it was a very hard move at the time, but i ended up staying for college. because both of our families live here, we probably won’t move away, but we would LOVE TO.

i’m very petite! i’m 5’1″, so i need most things hemmed and most long sleeves are too long for me. i typically wear a small and a 4/6.

they are listed here. i try to keep up with it!

i struggled with trying to conceive our second child for a couple of years. we had two miscarriages and one chemical pregnancy in between, before having a procedure done and successfully carrying my daughter. you can read more about my journey here. and if you are going through it, i am sending you love. it’s the worst pain i’ve ever known.

check the shopping pages here. you can also always browse my amazon storefront where i’m constantly saving things.

and here is my LTK shop!

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you can email me at [email protected]

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