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i link you // 05

this week

the habits of supremely happy people — i think we all need to follow these. (via huffington post)

i loved this post about the design community being the new fox news. i think this is just the internet in general… i read the other day on an imdb message board someone describing what the final scene of a movie should have been. shut. up. (via medium)

this old fashioned soda party is so colorful and fun – and using my all time favorite can’t live without appliance the soda stream. oh man i do love my soda stream (via oh happy day)

burlington coat factory has a twitter account and although it’s likely fake, i now like burlington coat factory much more. (via jezebel)

photos of the amazing and gruesome world under a microscope … these are just super weird (via i09)

this little write up about keri russell and food is cute (via bon appetite)

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