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happy friday! it finally just warmed up here a little so i’m sorry for all of you in the snow. i got things back from the kiln in pottery for the first time in months, so it was veeery exciting. even outweighing the fact that i rushed through trimming and totally ruined a little vase i made… oh well.

we’re doing a shoot this weekend, and then we’re gonna go test out strollers because i hear that’s something we have to decide on. anyone got a recommendation? i need something lightweight because i’m 5 feet tall and have almost no strength. we’re also going to celebrate valentines day on sunday (meaning i’ll cook rack of lamb) because i’m not gonna feel like it after work on tuesday. have a good one! here are some fun links. 

i have followed and loved sophie for a long time now, her house is soooo good

i designed these fun printable candy wrappers, download em!

i have never been to taco bell and not ordered a double decker taco… 

i knew i was smart! i knew it!! 

omfg how cute are these cactus cookies?!

i am obsessed with this flatware. wish it was on clearance.

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  1. Strollers! I registered for the City Mini GT, it’s lightweight and folds up by just pulling a strap. I tried lots of them in store and kept coming back to this one. You can buy adapters for whichever car seat you pick.

    1. I also bought the city mini gt, which is slightly heavier than some, because (and this is KEY) it has a handlebar that adjusts down for us short people. I’m 5’2 and pushing tall strollers are agony.

  2. Yay! Thanks for posting my house tour!!

  3. Hi Molly, I thought the cactus cookies looked truly inviting. I plan to try them soon over the weekend. They are not prickly…thankfully! and yes, we had quite a bit of the snow here in the Northeast and I am not sure it is the end as yet. Thanks so much for the links…did you do those pottery on your own? They look cool.

  4. Yay stroller shopping! We started out with a Britax B-Agile (I’m actually selling the stroller and the bassinet attachment for a steal since we just upgraded to double stroller status, if you’re interested!) and love, love, loved it. It’s super lightweight. Folds up in two easy steps, and won’t break your back and you throw it into the trunk. We also had a Nuna Tavo which was a dream as well, but definitely much bigger and heavier and harder to fold up.

  5. We registered for the UppaBaby Cruz after testing out several at Magic Beans here in Boston! They let you take things out for a test run, walking around the neighborhood and making sure things fit in your vehicle. We also have friends who have UB strollers and love them! It seems like it should be a good fit given our lifestyle (I’m due in May so we’ll find out in a couple months!). It’s very sturdy without being crazy heavy, is super maneuverable, and the handles adjust. But every family is different! I hope you found something that will work great for you!