happy weekend


you may have noticed the blog has been having some technical issues lately — well, we’re working on getting them all fixed this weekend! so come back monday and things should be running much smoother (and looking much prettier too!!!). have a good weekend!

last year i made easter printables for you
love all the neutral tones of this apartment
want twenty of these right nooooow
this really is OCD heaven
i knew i was smart and not just unpopular
if i were celebrating easter i’d want to eat all of this
i love this so so much

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  1. I was incensed when Ben Affleck was casted as Batman. Not because he is not a good actor or director, but because I don’t like him much as a person. He seems never to be satisfied with his own success, always wanting more. He is actually not terrible in Batman V. Superman, but this feels me with schadenfreude, “this is what you get, Ben”.