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kate arends’ apartment tour is so laid back and so well done (via the everygirl)

a photo series that embraces potholes and makes them a lot more fun (via indulgy)

i am loving these diy cement centerpieces. love the juxtaposition of the rawness of the cement with flowers. yeah totally just said that. meh. (via green wedding shoes)

i couldn’t love seth rogen much more than i do now — if you love him a lot too, you know already that his mother in law got alzheimers in her mid 50s. watch his testimony to the senate appropriations subcommittee about it. (via brobible)

this diy copper pencil holder is such a cute simple way to incorporate copper onto your desk. and of course with my wedding mind — all i can see is the perfect pen holder for the guest book. (via a fabulous fete)

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  1. I loved Kate’s apartment tour and that shelf being held up with magazines is my favorite! Also loved Seth Rogen! “First, I’m a huge fan of House of Cards” HA

  2. I wish I liked potholes as much as these people. I got two flat tires, need wheel alignment, and two bent wheels, all costing over $500. What fun!

  3. I was a huge fan of Seth Rogen’s speech. Great round up of links, I can’t wait for the pinterest for Target collections!