i link you

i link you


i link you

such chic diy faux labradorite earrings (via fall for diy)

how stoked would you be to receive an adorable little bouquet like this (via paper & stitch)

shibori dyed easter eggs – maybe the best ever. (via tuts+)

my friend called the other day to say watch louis ck’s monologue on snl immediately. so i did. now i’m sharing it with you. (via digg)

would you be terrified if a turkey was chasing you? this woman is. so much. (via youtube / image via)

salted. chocolate. diablo. cookie. ice cream. sandwiches. ridic. (via the artful desperado)

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  1. OMG “I’m shacking, if the camera is shacking is because I’m shacking” while the turkey looks all creepy, bahahahaha! Priceless. thanks for the shout out friend!

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