happy weekend

bob | almost makes perfect

yay. friday. i’m gearing up for a fun shoot tomorrow, which you’ll see soon. and i’m celebrating a cousins birthday on sunday. if you follow me on instagram, you may have seen i chopped most of my hair off. i’m still getting used to how short it is, but so far i’m like how low-maint it is. i just made that slang up. we like it right? have a good one!

⋅ this is just like, perfect
⋅ how delish does this sound?
⋅ i really really want this for the cats
⋅ and i’ll take one of these for me
⋅ i desperately need these tips
⋅ a super easy DIY to avoid having to buy pots
⋅ i have always liked nudes so i like this
⋅ ok so people make fun of me, but this is one of my favorite movies of all time
(also.. that joanna cassidy quote? my mom can take credit for about 80% of that (they went to the same starbucks))

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    1. thanks jana! this is natural, but with some curl cream.