happy weekend

my little cactus

this was an especially long week for me — so i’m pretty happy to be leaving town for the weekend. we’ve rented a house in idllywild for the weekend with a bunch of friends and i’m excited to be away from home and deadlines and construction noises waking me up for two days. hope you guys have a good easter and/or passover weekend!

⋅ ok stop what you’re doing and watch this forever
⋅ obsessed with this pillow DIY
galaxy easter eggs
this font is sooo pretty and affordable
⋅ weather forecasts are surprisingly sexy
⋅ i feel like i should replace every piece of luggage i have with this
⋅ i can’t sew, but if i could, i’d make myself one of these
⋅ also i don’t have a bar, but if i did
⋅ i admire the veda house so much, loved reading this
⋅ love me some tres leches
this top i’ve been eyeing is on sale…

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  1. Enjoy Idyllwild–if you haven’t been, you have to go to Cafe Aroma!

    1. i missed it! boo. we really never left our house but next time! thanks for the rec!