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so this week i’m having a meeting about florals — like everything else in the budget, we’re not really sure how we can afford a normal floral budget. did you know how much wedding florals cost?! i’d like flowers on the tables and scattered around the property, but i’d also like to spend thousands of dollars on vacations over flowers.

i’m going into the meeting with low expectations for what we can accomplish with our tiny budget, but i’m still bringing lots of ideas.

01. we’ve talked about having vintage bottles scattered around the tables with various flowers and heights, a look that i love but i’m not 100% sure that’s what we should go with yet.

02. another idea i love but not sure i can afford it is wooden box planters. i could for sure DIY them, but then we’re left having to fill boxes with probably more flowers than other options.

03. simple pots stuffed with flowers and greens has such a modern feel and shape and i’m assuming all the greenery and filler keeps the prices down, right? is that even what is in this photo? i’m clearly no expert.

04. i am obsessed with the look of a crazy amount of simple terracotta pots filled with cacti and succulents. this would definitely work around the estate, but would this be pretty as centerpieces!?

05. now if i’m reaaaaally saving money, i could simplify the bottle idea and just have two or three little ones next to the water and wine and spread them out and call it a day. super super minimal.

06. i am just in love with a wild and organic bouquet like this – a couple of these spread out on the table and wowwww.

what’s your favorite look / idea? and if you have any tips for how to keep your floral budget down, please share!

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  1. i’m in much the same boat – we’re trying to keep our wedding both low-key and inexpensive, so professional flowers seem out of the question, but at the same time, i do still want things to be pretty. our tables are long & rectangular, so instead of single larger ‘centerpieces’, we’re pretty much going with a combo of #1 and #5, mixing an eclectic assortment of bottles & jars (all thrifted and garbage-picked) holding 1-2 stems each with a crapload of cheap votives/tea lights from ikea. my future MIL is growing most of the flowers in her backyard (we just sent her some photos of what we liked, said ‘wildflower-ish’ and asked for mostly yellow, white, and a little bit of pink/orange) and we’ll supplement as needed with cut flowers from whole foods or trader joe’s for my bouquet and any additional ‘filler’ for the tables.

    that said, i really *love* option #4 and think you should seriously consider it – i think as long as you have a few taller plants (as in the photo) mixed in with smaller cacti/succs, this would look fantastic both for general decoration and as a sort of distributed centerpiece. plus you can send individual potted plants home with guests at the end of the night – instant favor. 🙂

  2. I love the wood boxes! We helped my sister-in-law do this, our cousin made the boxes and we put jam jars in them filled with water to make it so they didn’t require some many flowers.

  3. I’m helping a friend research centerpieces for her wedding and we came across the idea of little wooden planter boxes with an assortment of herbs. I completely fell for the idea – its minimalist, sustainable, it’s easy to DIY, and you’re left with a herb garden afterwards! (or, if it was a series of small planter boxes they could be great favours). Plus, I would love to be able to reach out in the middle of the meal and pick some dill for my salad…

  4. I just discovered your blog via a friend and am loving your wedding posts! I’m getting married in September and am in the middle of planning florals on a small budget too. I ended up hiring a florist I love for wedding party florals (bouquets, boutonierres, etc) and then am going to the wholesale market for reception flowers the day before (it saves quite a bit of money if you have a wholesale market nearby) I’m hoping to arrange them on long banquet tables like your first photo – eclectic and organic looking. Loving that look lately. Good luck!!