diy drugstore candle makeover (with printable labels)

diy drugstore candle makeover | almost makes perfectif you’re anything like me, there’s a huge difference between products with good packaging and products without it. there honestly might be a psychological reaction to good packaging, because i think a pretty candle just smells better. and that’s insane, i know.

but seeing as how much you guys liked the diy pretty shampoo bottles, i think you are just like me!

how to makeover drugstore candles

chances are, you might have a couple tackier looking candles around your house. whether you just like the smell, or you got it as a gift, or you can’t imagine spending more than $15 on a candle — then pretty up your candles using the labels i’ve designed! also, today is earth day. and this post is totally about recycling. i planned that so well!

it was actually harder than i thought to find decent shaped / smelling candles in the drugstore. i ended up picking them all up from different stores to find a good variety (these are from target, walgreens, cvs & rite aid)

the labels say different ounces, just because i couldn’t figure out what minimal candle labels should say, and everything in french sounds fancy, therefore … bougie.

drugstore candle makeover


full sheet label paper
an xacto
cutting board
washi tape

diy drug store candle makeoverhow to makeover drugstore candles


01. remove the labels from your candles. if they’re being jerks, soak in warm water and/or use goo gone to remove residue.

02. print out the labels below. they don’t have any guides or borders because the shape and size of your candle can dictate how big or small your label can be. for instance, i decided on a small square shape for the small white candle. use your best judgment!

03. using your t-square, lightly mark the shape you want to cut on each label. make sure you cut as straight as you can.

04. once you have your labels cut out, use your washi tape as a guide to where you want to place your label. try to get the washi tape as straight as possible onto your candle, because it’s pretty hard to apply these on straight without a guide.

drugstore candle makeover | almost makes perfect

yay. you now have MUCH better looking candles without spending hundreds of dollars.

diy drugstore candles makeover | almost makes perfectdiy drug store candle makeover via almost makes perfectdiy drug store candles makeover

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  1. Such a great idea, I love this! I’ve been wanting some ‘fancy’ candles in my room for vignettes and stuff but they are just so expensive for a jar of scented wax… I’ll definitely relabel!

  2. This is just the type of crazy OCD thing I would do, haha. Packaging design is everything. I pulled the cover off my sketchbook and made my own with letramax board, cutting every hole for the spiral binding and rewiring it. All because the original packaging was uninspiring. 😉

  3. I love this. Totally agree, good packaging improves the experience. Crazy but true.

  4. Bougie Soy Candle…HA! Absolutely brilliant! I’m a complete sucker for great packaging…and a killer deal…thank you for creating a prefect way to combine the two!

  5. I love that you thought to do this. I’m going to makeover all my candles. Plus not sure if you meant to be funny, but.. ‘made from wax’ just kills me! haha 🙂

  6. love it. you should do a holiday version in the fall for making candles better gifts!

  7. Are you all really this vain to do something like this? Wow…who cares.

    1. Obviously you care enough to comment! Let me get this straight…you think it’s vain to care about how your home looks? You do realize you’re on a home decor blog…right?

      1. darcy everitt says:

        Good one! Go get em!

  8. Might be a silly question, but how do you secure them to the glass?

  9. These are adorable! One suggestion, if you blowdry anything sticker-y {ie the labels} for at least 30 seconds, the label should just easily peel off. This works for those pesky stickers on sale shoes as well!

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  12. if you don’t mind me asking, what fonts did you use for these?

  13. Very good post. I definitely appreciate this site. Thanks!

  14. Molly … Love the natural & straightforward simplicity that seems a “theme” here. I think the re-labeling of relatively inexpensive products is a great idea. I frequently purchase totally because I am intrigued by a label ~ especially with wine for some reason (which has been a mistake, a time or two!).
    I just found your site, but knew immediately I wanted to follow! My interests and *attitude* seemingly could mirror yours!
    Can’t wait to receive more unique and awesome ideas! Thanks for this one ~ AND the labels! kj