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6 best DIY wedding favors | almost makes perfect

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because i’m now a wedding monster — all i want to do is stop this boring planning stuff and move onto the fun stuff! the design and look of the thing. now that i have almost all of my vendors booked, i can start brainstorming. YAY. i’m definitely DIYing some sort of favors – and right now i’m thinking of custom tote bags full of goodies.

but my big question is : if the guests are getting tote bags in their hotel rooms, do they still need a small favor at the wedding itself? help!

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  1. We made custom tote bags for our favors as well! I still see friends carrying them around and that makes me super happy. They’re so much fun and practical too! I wouldn’t think you would need to give out more favors at the wedding as well, but it all depends on your budget and how ambitious you are 😉

    1. the only thing i was worried about is some guests not getting them if they weren’t staying overnight! but i can just make sure everyone gets one and it’ll be fine. thank you!

  2. No, you would not need to have an additional favor at the wedding if you are already doing tote bags.

  3. we opted out of wedding favors for a photobooth and hotel welcome bags instead 😉
    those whiskey bottle ones are cute though…

  4. Are most of your guests staying at the hotel? If not, you could do both. Otherwise do what works best for your budget. I say, if you want both, do both. 🙂 We opted out of favors for our guest as we had a photo booth and a heavily stocked dessert/candy table.

    Congrats to you and have fun with the rest of your planning.

    1. i’ve heard that a few times now! had no idea a photo booth could count as a favor, but i get it. we’re actually at the point of considering DIYing one because they’re sooo expensive.

  5. Hi Molly! If all of your guests are staying at the hotel, then you can definitely do away with an at-the-wedding favor. However, if only some are staying at the hotel, it’s safest to have a wedding favor. Or, the goodie-filled tote bags can serve as your wedding favor. Clearly, the possibilities are endless so it really just boils down to what you two want and your budget for this wedding item. Enjoy – this was my favorite part of wedding planning too.

  6. hi molly! i just discovered your blog on mint love social club this morning! i love welcome bags and think they are a fun, sometimes unexpected, touch for your guests! you can even add one of these adorable diy’s to the welcome bags. i don’t think it’s necessary to then have favors as well – but i think that really depends on your budget and vision for your wedding. i’ve found that food is the best thing you can give your guests at the end of the night 😉 whether that’s back in the room or leaving the reception! best of luck (and have fun) with your wedding planning!

    1. well i’m learning my budget isn’t huge (but it sounds way too huge to me) we’re having donuts for desert so we thought the same thing! everyone goes home with one. thanks for your advice! xx