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i might be unlike most brides when i say firstly that i don’t want my bridesmaids to wear dresses that are bridesmaids dresses – they’re overpriced and i find most of them kinda stuffy. i definitely wanted the girls in a pale color, and have been scouring the every dress site on the internet with the terms “maxi / cream, beige, blush, tan” it’s way harder than i thought. i want something low-key but still dressy and i’m definitely not insisting they spend a couple hundred bucks on a bridesmaid dress. i’m just considerate like that!

bridesmaids matching white

i’m loving the matching on these super boho dresses, but i do have a hard time recognizing which one is the actual bride. (via style me pretty)

bridesmaids mismatched

i also love all the pale tones of these mismatched dresses working together, which i know can end up looking messy if you do it wrong. (via ruffled)

but i ended up buying three of one of #3 (which is now unavailable online – but i had to include it since it might be the dress! it’s still available in stores) so we may have found our dress, i’m just still a little confused on whether or not i want the three of them all matching or mismatched. the bridesmaids say matching. i’m not 100% convinced! so i could return two of them and keep one girl wearing it… do you guys have thoughts? it feels surprisingly uncommon to see matching bridesmaids dresses lately — so maybe i’m just used to that trend?!

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  1. *butts in excitedly* i was chief bridesmaid for my sister last June and got my dress {which didn’t match the other bridesmaids as i was the only adult} for under £30 in the sales at Zara! high five!
    i think the look works, just don’t try too hard to make them look too different. if that makes sense.

    1. no it totally makes sense — that’s exactly what my concern is!

  2. Dang, you’re right! It is kind of difficult to immediately determine who the bride is. I can tell with the subtle touches but it’s not immediately apparent.

  3. Never forget this is your day. So you do things that make you happy. As far as the bridesmaids dresses if all three of them are around the same size and shape, then matching dresses will work just fine. But if they are different sizes and shapes then they might look and feel better in a style that “fits” them personally, but are matching in color.

    consider white dresses that can be dyed with tea, to a off white/ light cream color. Or what ever color you want. That would possibly have to be done by a bridal shop but a simple dress like that could be off the rack and still work.

    1. ooo that’s totally what we were trying to do but all the white dresses we’ve like have polyester! my moh is my height and the two other bridesmaids are way way taller — so the length is super different on all of them. thank you so much for your input!

  4. I really love the mismatched bridesmaids idea. I actually prefer if everyone doesn’t look all the same, I think it feels more personable, relaxed, and makes each girl unique. I think as long as your dresses are in the same palette (peach or darker cream) and similar silhouette (maxi) i’ll look done on purpose. But I do think it’s untraditional – so maybe that’s why your girls would rather match? But you should go with your gut and think about what’ll make you really happy when you’re walking down the aisle. Maybe the same bouquet or headdress/accessories for each girl will help tie it together.

    1. yeah they’re all super into this one dress and i think are all a bit more trad than me… what about matching dresses mismatched flower crowns? haha

  5. Hi! I got married forever ago ;0) and I simply had my bridesmaids wear a long black dress of their choosing. Being all different shapes and sizes, it worked very well!

    Obviously, you are thinking of a lighter palate. But i will say that having them choose and purchase their own dress, ensured they ended up with something they liked! And, hopefully, wore again.

    Good luck!

    1. ya i hate the idea of them wearing dresses they hate — and all three love the one we got! that’s what’s making the choice so hard. thank you!

  6. beautiful choice – #3 is amazing, you should go for it! I think that with just 3 bridesmaids, the beautiful and casual maxi you’re showing is enough to make it ‘unique’ – I think I would choose to have them in one color. When you have 6 bridesmaids and they’re all matchy matchy that’s one thing (too much matching…), but I think with 3 it will be beautiful. But honestly, it will be beautiful regardless! I love the mismatched trend :). Have fun with the process!

    1. thank you so much! ugh every cheap dress has poly in one way or another (this one in the lining) so they’re un-dye able!