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our save the dates


our save the dates

well here they are! our save the date postcards that have pretty much all been delivered. we wanted to do postcards to save on costs and make it really simple. but as soon as we had them printed, we found out that the postage rate for postcards had just gone up one cent a month earlier. this would be fine if the post offices actually sold .34 stamps. which they didn’t. so after multiple post offices and tons of internet researching, we decided to go with two .20 stamps (george washington was for some reason my favorite) and we only ended up spending $5 extra. i wanted to do vintage stamps but because our wedding is SOON — we had to get them out as soon as we could. and that’s my exciting stamp story. the end.

save the dates | almost makes perfect

also — the border turned out totally uneven, but i’m trying not to be anal when it comes to the wedding so i have to just let it go (that’s what she said). overall, i’m really happy with them! we wanted to do a retro inspired postcard, but in a modern way. which i think they ended up as!

palm springs save the dates | almost makes perfect

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  1. I totally get your “anal” comment! I have a tendency to react the same way when it comes to those sort of things! But as a fellow graphic designer…I can assure you that I didn’t even notice till you mentioned it! I was too busy admiring your lovely design! Good for you for not sweating it!

  2. These are so cute! Way to roll with the punches, too. There will be a lot of incidents like that in wedding planning, but they just make your wedding that much interesting to look back on. If everything turned out perfect all the time, there would be no fun stories to tell!

    1. thanks whitney! yeah i’m totally finding that out already. thank you for the advice, i’m taking all of it in!

  3. Doing some save the date postcards ourselves, love the simplicity of the proxima font (we selected the same)! How did you handle addressing these – by hand? What style ink / pen?

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