our engagement photos


we weren’t super into the idea of engagement photos initially, partly because my mom convinced me they were a waste of money, and partly because they are cheeeeeesy. but our photographer, color me rad, said they’re a really good way to get comfortable having our photo taken for the big day and getting more comfortable with the actual photographer. she was right, and i’m so happy to have finally good photos of us and we feel way better about working with her on the wedding day.


we took the first half of our photos at the ace in palm springs, and the second half at the windmills.

click through to see the rest if you’re not going to make fun of us!


we also stopped by my favorite wall at the parker, which is where i originally had wanted to do our photos — but they have INSANE fees.


our second location was WIIIINDY. yes, i know they’re windmills and duh, but i’ve seen other engagement shoots so thought it would be fine. it was pretty insane. my advice from what i learned from our engagement shoot :

1. as fun as it is to wear joggers (i call them breezies), take photos of your butt before you commit to wearing them. my butt don’t look so good in those pants.

2. be prepared to get sick of looking at each other. there is a LOT of looking at each other.

3. if you’re taking photos at the windmills, put your hair up and don’t spend $50 getting it curled prior.

image_0451 copyimage_0330image_0436image_0460

and here’s my new walking stick i found there, which now gets to live with us!


all photos by our adorable and sweet photographer, colleen of color me rad.

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  1. Wow, you picked an amazing photographer! I love these photos, they are totally beautiful and also look like great memories for you two. The one of you in the restaurant with the reflection, and the photo booth ones, are my favorites. Also–you are a gorgeous couple!

  2. Oh my goodness, you’re precious! Your photographer got some amazing shots.

  3. These are super beautiful.

  4. These are far from cheesy! You both looked great and my first thought was how awesome your hair looked, so the $50 hair-do was a total win!

  5. These are amazing! Kudos for wearing all white. Some engagement photos are incredibly cheesy mainly because you can tell the couple is not really into staring into each other’s eyes. It’s too forced and not natural.

  6. these pictures are beautiful. also, they’re going to be something future children will cherish.

  7. These photos are beautiful! Love all the locations you chose and the windmill photos look great (I’m sure your butt didn’t look terrible in those pants!)


  8. These are not “posed” photos. They show your body language, and his, in a natural way. They way you both lean into each other show how comfortable and relaxed you are with each other. Trust is there, along with respect. I am sure these reflect how the two of you really are with each other. Beautiful pictures.

  9. Absolutely LOVE the photos! You two are so cute! 🙂

  10. Love these! That big wall is amazing and I love the windy photos 🙂 You two look so happy!

  11. Yay!! These are fantastic. 🙂

  12. I love how natural these look. I know there is posing involved in every photo shoot but I really like these pictures!

  13. Wow, this couple looks totally head over heels in love. I wish I could get on the wedding invitation list.

  14. Susan Gillman says:

    Wow. The pics are just beautiful
    love Aunt Susan

  15. These photos look amazing!! I love the Ace and The Parker, you’re bringing back fun memories 🙂

  16. These are fabulous! Not cheesy at all… it’s always nice to have photos as a couple. You look great!

  17. No, no, I totally disagree. DEFINITELY pay the $50 to get your hair curled because it looks SUPER cute and adorable, *especially* in the windmill pics.
    This is perfection and I love it.

  18. I’m late to this post, but they’re all super cute.

  19. these are adorable. you two are perfect. definitely worth every penny.

  20. Oh you guys are really cute together, congrats on the engagement, when is the big day ?
    I wish you a boatload of happiness and joy and some courage for the preparation of the wedding ( because you WILL NEED SOME ) ^_^
    Have fun and enjoy !
    Mlle Eugé | a designer’s blog