our wedding video

so excited to share our wedding video with you guys today, i’ve been waiting patiently for 297 days — but my brother came through with the video as my birthday gift. i mentioned during the wedding planning posts that we couldn’t afford a videographer in our budget, so instead we had my brothers co-worker come and shoot footage. my wedding photographer insisted that even if we didn’t do video of the wedding, we’d at least want the ceremony shot. that didn’t work out so well as we forgot to use the microphone for the ceremony, so the audio is pretty bad. but this is the kind of shit that happens when you have a wedding – and i’m just so happy to have this.

i’ve since watched it 5 times and cried during each viewing. the video really does bring me right back to those moments that feel like they happened so long ago. hope you guys enjoy it as much as i do!

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  1. This is so perfectly lovely. I don’t personally know you but this video made me fall in love with you both, can we get three-way married? Kidding… but only kind of.

    1. hahah — ok that can be arranged!

  2. goddddd tha’ts darling, you have such a cute smile <3

  3. Clearly you didn’t need to hire anyone. Your wedding looked PERFECT, and the video turned out amazing. I definitely did not cry from it. :’ )

    1. thank you amy!! i wish you had been there.

  4. AH!! This was so great Molly! You looked absolutely gorgeous! I love this type of video because it’s WAY more genuine than the elaborate, over produced ones everyone seems to get now. There were 4 videographers at my friends wedding and it was like we were shooting a reality tv show. This is a true keepsake and a great way to remember the day. xox

    1. ha! totally — i had no idea what to expect with his footage but i am so happy with what he was able to capture. totally brings you right back to the moment vs photos. thanks lee! x

  5. What a beautiful day! I love all of the silly moments that your brother’s co-worker captured- it really brings such personality and meaning to the whole thing. What a great momento!

  6. ohmagahd. you guys are so cute! It’s so fun to see your personalities through the video and the genuine moments captured are just so great!! Makes me even THAT much more excited to see our video soon!!

    1. thanks megan — i can’t wait to see yours!

  7. Your video is just perfect! We also had a videographer at our wedding and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made! There were so many little things that were captured on film that I had completely forgotten about. Isn’t it so lovely to have these moments and to share them for years to come. x

    1. i KNOW. i would now recommend everyone planning on skipping video to do it for sure.

  8. when i found your blog i was so excited to find someone who shared my taste and gave me loads of inspiration. your video makes me wish i was at your wedding, but most of all, any girl who bumps biggie at her wedding is a friend of mine 😉

    1. hahaha — thank you caroline! super sweet.

  9. Molly! This is just the cutest. I also love how everything isn’t so, so polished (it is still really good quality though). You get a real idea of everyone’s personalities and the both of you are just adorable. Plus that ‘outtake’ at the end, hahaha! perfect x

  10. Oh my god that totally struck a chord! He did such an amazing job with the video!! You look absolutely stunning and it looks like it was such a great day for you both, gah the feels!! *dabs eyes*

  11. It’s an absolutely beautiful documentation of your big day! Your brother has a tremendous amount of talent as well.

  12. This is so super sweet! I love how it showed your personalities, and the personalities of some of your guests! I am totally going to use it as one of the “inspiration” videos when we are looking for our own wedding videographer. Thank you!!

  13. I’m just a stranger stumbling in to this celebration while surfing the net, and I have to say: WoW, soooo beautiful; the decorations, the clothes, and the way the family is together. Congrats on keepin’ it real.

  14. Such a great wedding video! I randomly stumbled across your blog and have been reading lots of your posts…tons of inspiration here. Thank you for sharing your big day! You looked beautiful 🙂