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now i know i’m not supposed to be planning or consulting on my own bridal shower… but of course i am. my maid of honor is in charge of all the games, and another bridesmaid is handling the decorating, but how can i not help?! pinterest is my favorite pastime!

we came up with a modern fiesta theme, because it’ll be a daytime party in my moms backyard and i love tacos and margaritas. to save money and to make it more special, we decided to have my fiancé cater the thing – he’s good with tacos.

our big ordeal is that we had planned on it being late june, and due to my work schedule changing – i realized we had to change the date to a week sooner so now we’re only a month away and we still haven’t sent out invites or done anything really besides buy some papel picados.

has anyone thrown a fiesta themed party before? if so, please share some easy and cheap tips of how to make it special! and SOON!

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  1. My tip? Don’t sweat it, seriously. (Disclaimer: I’m not engaged, nor have I had a bridal shower, but I’ve been to a few!) But I have thrown some parties, and in my experience, if you stress about it, you won’t enjoy the moment. Make a list of things to do, delegate as much as you can to the members of your bridal party/family you know can do those things (like don’t give someone a recipe to make if they can’t boil water; let them pick up decorations from the store instead!). Make things ahead of time (freeze them if necessary), and just make sure you are surrounded by good people, good food, and plenty of tequila! (Or sangria, if that’s your thing.) Felicidades! 🙂

  2. that’s so cute
    i’m mexican so these suggestions might help –
    piñatas are best left for kid’s birthday parties or christmas festivities, for your fiesta (literally “party” in spanish) I would say hire a group of mariachis to play some live music, if you have any requests for special songs you could tell them (they might know it or could learn it if you ask with sufficient time)

    for your buffet have plenty of minced onions, tomatoes, avocadoes, diced limes and cilantro, and a couple of salsas to add to your tacos, or could have the option of tostadas as well

    and for snacks don’t just stick to fried tortillas but also try your regular plain crisps or spicy ones, and any other corn based fried snack that you can find will go well with some snack hot sauce such as la botanera or sabrozita

    for desert you could try some rice pudding or fresh fruit with dried chili powder to taste, or fruit flavoured ice lollipops such as lime and strawberry ones

    you don’t have to spend much on decorations, but to add colour you could try using bright coloured cutlery, plates and napkins

    and finally, my dad’s margarita recipe:
    rub the rim of a glass with a slice of lemon then turn over a plate of salt to cover the rim, then add some ice, your measurement of tequila and fill the remaining of the glass with grapefruit soda, or lime soda if you can’t find grapefruit

    have fun and hope that helps


    Inspirations Have I None

  3. haha, Molly, you sweet little planner. I love these, this theme is so colorful and fun!

  4. I say go for the fancy piñata. 😉 Hope you have a fantastic party and congratulations!

  5. I had a fiesta themed graduation party and for desserts we bought a ton of paletas (Mexican popsicles that come in delicious flavors – coconut, pineapple, lime, etc). Really cute and inexpensive!

  6. Love your inspiration! Especially #5… gorgeous! We’re doing a fiesta for my sister-in-laws baby shower- her one request was margaritas (it’s after her baby is born) in June, I’m loving pinata fringe everywhere and now, thank-you cacti!

  7. Hey Molly,
    I just found your blog and I LOVE it! So many great ideas and easy projects. It is really inspiring!
    I look foward to your next postings 🙂
    Best wishes,