dream house : the bathtub

dream house | the bathtub | almost makes perfect

i’m sure for some of you, a bathtub just sounds like a given, but for someone who hasn’t had one for years — that little corner of a bathroom where you can actually use all those bath soaks you got for christmas sounds so appealing.

we actually have a bathtub in our apartment, but we’ve been using it for storage almost ever since we moved in. right now it’s housing all of our wedding gifts. before that it housed everything we wanted to sell in a yard sale. totally not trying to sound woe is me — we have to use our extra tub for storing nice things! but i’m just excited to maybe take a semi-annual bath ok?! also, we want babies, so i know the importance of bathtubs for real life and not just to use said gifted bath soaks too.

[image above]

dream house | the bathtub | almost makes perfect

love the modern shape of this tub. [image]

dream house | the bathtub | almost makes perfect

and love every detail of this one. [image]

dream house | the bathtub

although i feel like i’d forget to water it, look how warm a little green makes the space. [left image / right image]

dream house | the bathtub

i have a real thing for this tub shape that i’m seeing everywhere lately. [image]

dream house | the bathtubdream house ~ the bathtub | almost makes perfect

double swoon. [top image / bottom image]

dream house  |  the bathtub

like, come on. i feel like i’d be so much more inspired to clean myself if this was where i did it. [image]

dream house | the bathtub | almost makes perfect

i’m not usually a huge fan of dark grout, but i am loving all the contrast in this perfect bathroom. [image]

so, you got a bathtub? do you use it or does it just look pretty?

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  1. My favorite is the modern minimalist one! And yes the little greens make the difference, although I’m totally agree about watering them. xD

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

  2. They’re all beautiful! We have one, but it’s just one of those standard, builder-grade shower/bathtub combos, and certainly not luxurious. The drain slowly leaks while you’re in there, so halfway through you have to refill. I hope you get your dream tub soon!

  3. I never thought about how much I would miss a bathtub until I didn’t have one after living in apartments for years! I love the clawfoot/vintage style ones. There’s something so romantic about them.

  4. Something about the clean look of subway tiles always makes me think “perfect bathroom”. Those tubs look even better when they’re matched up against that tile. Great images.

  5. I am loving this bathroom design porn. I’m almost done wrapping up my first condo purchase and I’m thinking something along the lines of the tiled tub and shower with the glass doors for mine. I’m looking into how complicated that might be as a diy. Thanks for sharing! xo