our maternity photos

i wasn’t sure if i really wanted maternity photos taken or not — but i read and heard a lot of people say that it was a nice memory to look back on later and to just do it — and it turns out i’m glad we did. years from now we can look back on these and remember being young and cute and non parents.

we had megan welker take these and her photos are so dreamy! i love them so much. the day she was on her way over i felt horribly big and uncomfortable and wanted to bail so badly, but you can’t tell from the photos luckily.

of course rocky wanted to model.

gid definitely got sick of doing the “dad to be pose” where we both touch and look at my bump…

i clearly was fine holding it in every shot.

we won these matching shirts at a wedding and the day before our shoot i said “gid lets wear those shirts with no pants.” was not expecting him to say yes, but oh man i am obsessed with this photo. we used it for our thank you cards and i kind of want to frame it too.

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  1. you are so pretty! you picked such cute dresses too.

  2. Congratulations! Best of luck <3

  3. Oh wow! You are beautiful and these photos are beautiful! What amazing memories. I am really keen to do a maternity shoot as I think this may be the first time in my life I have felt proud of my body, but we are in the midst of a major pre-baby renovation project and have no spare funds sadly. Luckily we just went for an amazing babymoon in Santorini so I got my husband to take lots of photos of me showing off my bump, but I would still love some taken by a professional. Maybe I have to re-think it or find the money from somewhere, only got 7 weeks left to do it so I’d best be quick! x

  4. Myrna Martinez says:

    These photos are great and you look stunning. Rocky of course stealing the show 🙂

  5. You look so lovely! Wish I was as photogenic as you both are!

  6. hi! please please tell us who makes all these outfits. would not hate a full maternity style post from you.