my favorite baby book by artifact uprising (+ a giveaway)

while my mom didn’t really “finish” my baby book, i cherish the entries she did put in there — about our first outing to “the bagel” and my first visitors and words and tooth, so i was for sure going to do one for arlo. and then i went a little nuts. i got three different books because i couldn’t decide and i liked them all for different reasons — and i actually thought i’d be able to mildly keep up with each of them too. so then i decided gid would have one book and i would have another and arlo was so lucky he’d have a baby book documented by both his mom and his dad. well i spent about an hour with my book until i realized that was a stupid idea and completely unrealistic and if we have free time like that, we should probably be doing something more fun than silently filling out our own baby books. then i discovered artifact uprising’s “the story of you”.

it’s exactly what i wanted, a perfect balance of wordy and photo-based, so i wouldn’t feel like writing entries was this big daunting task every month, and it’s a really good excuse to print photos regularly so that i can make sure all these photos i take of arlo daily aren’t just getting lost into oblivion. so i am so happy to have teamed up with artifact uprising today to give away one of these!

the book is so gorgeous — it’s designed so beautifully and thoughtfully and has all these little fun prompts and details, like envelopes for cards we got from our loved ones and fill in the blanks i love. i’ve been using the extra prints all over the house, hanging some on the fridge and framing others for the grandparents — i’m also thinking of doing photo books for him every so often too. because i clearly feel the need to document. my poor second child huh? the book also comes with a credit for a set of prints (whatever size you want), a pen + adhesive.

it also feels actually creative to work on, which is kind of crucial when you’re home with your newborn — i think a lot of new moms sitting home all day with their babies can agree, you need something to do besides just watching tv and doing constant laundry and inhaling food during naps. and while this is still technically not something for yourself, it totally also is. because lets face it, arlo will not care about this for many years so for now it’s all mine. i’ve been doing quick entries during nap times and while i pump and i am going to force myself to keep up with it! (it goes until his first birthday but you can add more pages too)

anyway i’m v obsessed with mine. it’s perfect for any of you expecting or new mamas, or a really special baby shower gift. if you wanna win it, just tell me in the comments why and then you totally might!

CONgrats to the winner, china
but please use code MOLLY10 for 10% off your baby book til 10/14/17!

the winner will be chosen 8am PST on october 2nd

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  1. Christianne says:

    My son is just three weeks older than Arlo, and I completely identify with what you said about needing something creative to do! It’s a balance between wanting those long, detailed projects of yore and the ten minute projects I crack out now. A baby book would be the perfect fit!

  2. Emily Overend says:

    My son is a month older than Arlo – it’s been so fun to follow along with your story while I’ve been going through it myself! I’ve been completely overwhelmed/guilty about not making a baby book, but this one looks like something I might actually keep up with! I’ve used Artifact Uprising for photo books before and just love the clean layouts and print quality. Hope I win!

  3. I have SO many pictures sitting on my phone and just waiting for a gorgeous home. But you know, life as a new mama hasn’t quite allowed for it 🙂 I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this!

  4. This would be amazing to have!!! I LOVE Artifact Uprising. And with an 11-month-old at home I am majorly motivated to catalog all her cute pictures and memories before she turns one (weeping just writing that). Fingers crossed!

  5. RENEE JOHNSON says:

    I an 10 weeks along of my first baby and am so excited for this new season of my life 🙂 What a sweet and special way to document the baby’s life from womb to one! If I received one, I would definitely need to get my photos printed as you did, because the white trim looks absolutely darling with the simple aesthetic of the book!

  6. this is lovely! i wish i’d seen this when i had my kids, but they’re older than 4 years now. however, i have a friend who is expecting a baby and i would love to gift this to her!

  7. Well isn’t this the most beautiful album ever. I love the looks. Gold + white duh!! So classy. I’ve been trying to print photos of my son for the last couple of months. Doesn’t help that the grandparents claimed the first few I printed lol. But yeah I would totally use this past the first year. Love it a lot. Now adding to my list of baby shower gifts

  8. expecting our first and could’t be more excited! I have always loved Artifact Uprising! I used them for our wedding album and would absolutely love to have this special book for our baby. I love the fact that you get to put your creative spin on the album, and nothing feels sweeter than hand writing your descriptions about the photos. Something to keep for a lifetime <3

  9. Our second child is due in a few short weeks, and I am just now (finally) sorting through our thousands of archived pictures of my son’s first 3 years of life. My nesting goal is to have a printed photo baby book ready for him before the next baby is born (fingers crossed that Baby can wait a few more weeks!) As you mentioned, I always loved my mom’s notes and stories in my baby book, and want to create something similar for my children. I’m looking for something like this to keep up with more consistently for our next child, and always love Artifact Uprising’s aesthetic. Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful find, and so many congrats to all the new mamas out there!

  10. My first grandbaby, who is a girl, is due at the end of October. I’m so much more excited than I thought I would be and this looks like a great way to keep track for all the little moments. I did scrapbooking when my son was young, but this looks like it would be so much easier plus, amazing and wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this and I may just have to buy one if I don’t win.

  11. I have a nine month old and have been working on her photo book on artifact uprising; they are so modern and timeless. I love being able to add comments with photos or select their layouts. We are writing the comments as we would write her so it’s truly lovely and personal. We would love to win our special book since we keep adding more pages of memories.

  12. I am anxiously awaiting the birth of my daughter (currently 3 days overdue,…come on baby!). This baby book from Artifact Uprising is beautiful! With a book this gorgeous, I’d actually look forward to spending the time to fill up a keepsake album to share with her someday.

  13. My mom kept a baby book for me, which I cherish! I’ve been looking for a way to document the arrival of my first babe, and this looks perfect. I love the aesthetic — so sweet and sentimental without being overly cutesy…would love to win!

  14. So I think because you were my second and I had so much on my plate it was hard to finish and now I regret that but I am so glad you got this book. It’s great. Love you mommy

  15. I’m expecting my first baby and would love this book to document their first year!! I have several albums from artifact uprising from our travels! Their quality is amazing and the style is always timeless!

  16. I’m 28 weeks pregnant with my first and have had my eye on this book for weeks! I’d LOVE to have something like this to document this crazy transition into motherhood. 🙂

    By the way, I’ve loved following your blog as I anticipate becoming a mama. Your posts make me look forward to everything to come. Thank you!

  17. My baby is just a month older than Arlo and I have loved following along on your baby journey thus far. You have a great sense of humor!

    Love this baby book! I got three before finding the Artifact Uprising one, which is so beautiful. I would love to win!

  18. My 2nd is due in April and this would be a lovely book to capture the memories.

  19. Anna Castellano says:

    That baby book is gorgeous! ??

    My husband & I waited for what feels like forever for our son, we tried for two years to have a baby with no success, then after two miscarriages and a LOT of prayer we were blessed with our first baby boy; he was born with a bilateral cleft lip which made the first few months somewhat difficult but I never want to forget his beautiful god given smile. I would love the chance to fill a book with all of our favorite photos / moments before & after surgeries. He is one handsome boy and we are so lucky to have him, he is our world. ♡ (WOW I wrote a novel, sorry if that’s way too long ?)

  20. Memphis is my second child (a week younger than Arlo and just 20 months younger than my firstborn), so you can imagine how difficult it is to keep up with both of them, not to mention finding time to make a baby book (I did it from scratch for my first one ). Anyway, I love Artifact Uprising and their products! This would be such a game changer in documenting Memphis’ life 😉

  21. I love Artifact Uprising! I’ve had my eye on this for awhile now but can’t bring myself to pull the trigger on a $120 book so I would absolutely love to win one! My little guy was just born last Saturday so I have time to catch up on his first memories. Pick me, pick me!

  22. This book looks like a dream. My daughter is turning two in two weeks and I still haven’t found the perfect photo book till now!!!

    We would be over the moon if we won! And what a birthday present ?

  23. my daughter was born this past may, and i’ve been wanting to put together a baby book for her. absolutely love what artifact uprising put together!

  24. Growing up I often looked through a book similar to this that my mom made for me. I loved seeing the pictures and reading details about when I was born as also other funny and cute stories. I want my son to have the same experience as I have and read about himself as baby and see his beautiful photos. I’m a photographer and I can’t wait for him to be born and for me to photograph him. And then to put all those beautiful memories in a book like the one from Artifact Uprising. Xx

  25. I currently have a baby book for our second child (7 weeks old today!) but I just don’t love it. This one looks beautiful!

  26. Vanessa Parscale says:

    Oh I would love this! Am due in 8 weeks and I’ve been pretty underwhelmed with options on baby books too so this would be great!

  27. My little one just turned 4 months, and I only have one (gasp!) Baby book for him. My mom had two for me, so I’m falling behind. I’d love this beautiful one!

  28. Kristine Barboza says:

    I was right there with you, I bought I one baby journal, a baby scrapbook for my first born, both of which aren’t conventional baby books and I still found myself not totally sold in them. I’ve been printing with Artifact Uprising for a while now and fell in love with their baby book. Now that we’re expecting our second son in January, I’m really hoping to get this baby book because it perfectly captures how I would want to capture his first year. I may have to get one for my first son because I love it so much!

  29. Katie Mathews says:

    This would be a dream! Our baby girl Eden Wilde is 5 days old today & parenting has been a whirlwind so far! I have Artifact Uprising books for our wedding and our stint living in Los Angeles during my pregnancy, and it would be the best to have one for our favorite chapter yet with our girl! Would love to be able to look back and remember this crazy, beautiful season (in a format and style that is always on point with AU, I might add!) Pleaaaase pick us and our little Wilde-flower!

  30. I want my brother and sister-in-law to have this! My niece was born in June and I tried to get my SIL to make an instagram or blog to document. I’m a photographer, so social media is my jam lol. She liked the idea, but thought it seemed too daunting. I think a baby book like this may be more her speed, and I would love to win it for her.

  31. My little one…well not so little anymore…just turned one this September and I’ve been thinking about putting together a baby book for him. Although he’s a year now I don’t think it’ll be hard to fill in the gaps with all the pictures and videos to remind me of different moments. Life was just a little too crazy at the time to even remotely think about having the time to do a baby book. I love the fact that this book is made perfect for someone like me that isn’t crafty at all!

  32. October 2nd is our baby’s due date – I would love to celebrate his arrival (fingers crossed) with this beautiful book!

  33. Theresa Lee says:

    I’m expecting a son this coming January and I would love to get a headstart and make sure I am able to document the whole journey from pregnancy to birth and beyond! We used artifact uprising for our wedding thank you cards, and have loved their style/work so I think this baby book would be perfect. Have also thoroughly enjoyed following your journey with your son on Instagram!

  34. My little guy is two weeks old and I’ve been searching for the perfect way to document his sweet life! This would be perfect. Writing in my journal is good, but beautifully creation a keepsake like this would be a dream!

  35. Carina F. says:

    I could never decide on a baby book for both my boys. I wanted something classic with minimal designs. This would have been the perfect book. Maybe I can win one for Baby number 3! Thanks.

  36. What a beautiful book. My most treasured possession is the baby book my mama made for me. It was a Japanese archival album and I’ve been searching all over to find something equally special. My first (a girl) is coming in 6 weeks and because I’m a sentimental goober I’ve been collecting things to go in her book since I found out she was coming. ❤️❤️❤️

  37. What a beautiful post!! I’ve been eyeing these baby books for a couple months, they are so perfect! I’m pregnant with our rainbow baby boy, due in 10 weeks and would love to document all his first little moments ❤️

  38. My little one was born 12 weeks early and we haven’t had the time or energy to do anything besides take pictures on our phones. It would be so great to have this as a memento of this time that seems endless while simultaneously going by so, so fast.

  39. I love this blog post!
    I’m currently 39 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I am so excited to be welcoming sweet baby girl Reagan into this world in just a matter of days! I cannot think of a better way to document her life other than this book. My pregnancy has been full of woes- moving across the country, husbands deployment and a gnarly hyperemesis diagnosis. This would make this first time mama so happy!
    Congratulations on your new baby boy Arlo, he is so precious and his smile is radiating!

    Sandra Floratos

  40. Ashley Hurand says:

    Expecting a baby girl in January! This baby book looks amazing because it doesn’t force you to keep up with particular milestones but rather special memories and experiences. I like that it seems a bit more free form so that if I can keep up with it as I am able. Not to mention, I love the clean design of it and the quality looks exceptional. Would LOVE to win this!!

  41. I’m due with my first in about 6 weeks and would love a place to beautifully document his life!

  42. I’m expecting a baby boy in January, and a litttle worried (based on the amount of time we spend thinking about this pregnancy and the number of things we’ve gotten for him – both way less than with my first, who is almost 2!) about how we’ll do with documenting his early days! Would love to have a beautiful (and simple!) way to do this so he knows how loved he is and always was.

  43. Holy Smokes, I am so glad I stumbled on your photo about this post on Instagram. This Baby book is such a great combo of style and uniqueness without all those primary colours WHICH ARE EVERYWHERE on baby things lol. This book once finished would be beautiful to put on display, not just tossed in some bin in your basement. What a find!

  44. Stop. This is amazing. So, 2 reasons I want to do one of these for my son:

    1.) I don’t really have much stuff like this from my own family, so it is something of sentiment I have always wanted to do for my children. Now that I am staring down the birth of my first son, I’ve been on the hunt for the best way to put together a book for him. I have tried so many times to just start a journal for him, but that ends up feeling like its more about me, so I don’t. I thought, maybe just a picture book… But then i wont be as prompted to write down the memories with those pictures – lackluster feels.

    2.) For some reason, I have struggled with documenting and sharing this pregnancy. I think the mainstream horror stories just really got to my head and I just became riddled with fear and anxiety over it. So aside from Ezra’s (baby’s name) ultrasound images, and the sticks I peed on telling us of his impending arrival we don’t really have much in the way of documented memories of the very beginning of his life. Not even kissing your ass for the purpose of winning, but your posts of Arlo on instagram have helped restore the excitement I wanted so much for the birth of my first son! Both your attitude and Arlo’s ridiculously adorable and infectious personality, I found myself saying “Yeah! Lets do this!” so much more, and now I CANNOT wait to start making memories to share with Ezra.

    We are about 4.5 months now (halfway!) and now my anxiety has switched tracks to WHAT ARE THE BEST WAYS TO DO ALL THE THINGS?!?! And, anyway this is amazeballs and perfect timing and if you really read all of this, thanks just for that time alone!

    Thanks again for all the baby inspo and positivity on your feed, I can’t tell you how helpful it’s been!

    Best of luck and thanks again!

  45. What a beautiful book! I would love to use this.

  46. Alexandria Jude says:

    I have a four month old and this would be great to document his life! I probably take too many pictures of him so this seems like a good fit for that. Also I’m obsessed with your Insta stories and your blunt honesty to motherhood.

  47. I’ve loved this baby book from the moment I saw it but it is so not within my means right now. I feel bad for my kids that I can’t buy them the prettiest baby book out there so hopefully I can win one! I’m determined to give my kids good baby books once my mom put a lot of love and effort into all 4 of her kids’ books. I still cherish mine and have it out on display. I’m due with my second child this Christmas!

  48. Lisa Sema says:

    I’m so bad at documenting and I really want to change that when our little girl arrives in Feb! It’s a beautiful book and looks like something I’d actually WANT to do. Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. Grayson is one week older then Arlo and you hear from me on Instagram quite often. We’re going through the same thing it being our first of everything with our boys. It’s a blessing to be home with our babies, and it will be so nice to look back to cherish the memories.

  50. I’m 2 WEEKS away from my due date! And I still don’t have a baby book. I just can’t find one that doesn’t seem too frilly or too overdone or too blah or too etc etc. This one looks great and has just enough suggestions while leaving room to get creative!

  51. I am expecting my first and am so excited about the possibility of using this beautiful book to document everything! Especially since I am a photographer, and most of my personal photos are neglected!

  52. you should totally choose me because I also just had myself a chubby little baby in the hottest part of summer, survived/ing and need to document that journey somehow….but more importantly because I’m also a fellow cat lady and BIP fan. #firstimpressionrose?

  53. I decided I was going to make my own baby book but quickly realized that I am definitely not clever enough. I would love to have this beautiful modern book with the prompts to get me going!

  54. My LO is nearly 6 months old and I haven’t found the energy or motivation to write even a line in her baby book! I know that if I had something as aesthetically pleasing as Artifact Uprisings baby book, I would not wait to fill it up with memories and milestones of my sweet babe! ✨??✨

  55. My baby girl turned 10 mths just 2 days ago (where did all that time go??!) I had huge ambitions to create something totally awesome to document everything about her in the mths leading up to her birth but things just got so chaotic since day 1 because we don’t have any family or many friends here and then I had to return to work after just 3 mths of maternity leave, the prospect of documenting anything just seemed like such a daunting task! 🙁 I am so disappointed with myself for not having tried harder and now that 10 mths have already gone by, I don’t even know where to start! 🙁 Winning this book would give me the guidance and inspiration that I need to document our journey with our little angel 🙂 Thanks!

  56. Charlotte says:

    I have been dying for one of these! It seems like a perfect level of commitment and the design is gorgeous! My son will be 7 months old tomorrow so I am already so behind!!!

  57. Amy Alexander says:

    I LOVE this Artifact Uprising book-I was just telling a friend about it! I’m due with my first baby, a little boy, any day now! It’s been so fun following along with you and adorbs Arlo-your book looks so sweet and he will cherish it I’m sure.

  58. My baby was born 2 months ago, and this time I’ve spent with him has been so special, I wish it could last forever. However, I go back to work next week and would love this book for my husband to work on with him, so I can have the memories of our boy even if I’m not the one that will be experiencing every single one of them.

  59. My baby boy, Beau, will be one month old on Wednesday. There are already so many memories I need to capture!

    It has been so fun following your pregnancy and early months on the blog as I go through similar events. Your Arlo blog posts have been so helpful in preparing for his arrival (and trying to keep things astheyically pleasing with the onslaught of baby gear!) your post about artifact uprising was perfect timing as well! I’ve been on the hunt for a simple baby book that will be a true keepsake and not seem dated or too cutesy down the road. This clean and modern book seems perfect. I love that you can add photos and ‘fill in the blank’ memories – super helpful when very sleep deprived!

  60. Obsessed with artifact uprising! My wedding album is by them as well so I need this one to complete my collection! ❤️

  61. I love Artifact Uprising! I need to make my daughter a book and this one looks perfect! It’s just so pretty. Plus I need the motivation to finally print some photos!

  62. Rikke Christiansen says:

    My son, Miles, is just a few weeks older that Arlo. . I was gifted two lame baby books ( read cartoon characters) and found the task of finding a beautiful and timeless baby book quite overwhelming…that’s why I’m soexcited about this giveaway! The Artifact Uprising baby book is just beautiful! I reeeeeaaaallly hope I win! ?

  63. Oh man oh man how much I would love this. It’d go so perfectly with our wedding album. Our Theo is 6 wks today and I’m really struggling keeping up with all the important moments — this would be perfect. I’ve used AU for Mother’s Day prints, a calendar filled exclusively with photos of my corgi (I’m still a #dogmom), a memorial gift for a dog we used to sit, and our wedding album — they do the most beautiful prints and best gifts!

  64. Currently expecting – would love this!!!

  65. This is the most beautiful baby book! I’m a first time mom with a three-week old and I would love a place to keep memories of my new little family…you know, when there’s time in between all the diaper changes, feedings and rocking sessions. Ha!

  66. We’re about to have our second baby and I want something neutral, beautiful, and simple to document all of those exciting milestones and memories. I’ve been eyeing it for so long, I just haven’t been able to pull the trigger. It’s so perfect!! And like you mentioned, it might help me print some of those pictures that end up lost in oblivion.

  67. Like you, I can’t decide on a baby book but have been spying this one and would LOVE to win this. Our sweet baby will be making his or her grand entrance just after the new year and I’d love to get a jump on writing down all the special moments that lead up to the big day 🙂

  68. I have a 10-month old and I haven’t bought or started a baby book, but I would like to start something before she turns one and I have been eyeing this baby book for awhile! It looks just perfect!

  69. Jessica Fowler Newman says:

    I’m 37 weeks with my first baby. I loved following your journey with Arlo, and still do! I lived for my baby book – my mom did a really great job with it. My favorite thing to read is that I loved dress up and that my favorite show was SNL! Guess I was born to laugh. Because my baby book was so significant to me my whole life, I’ve thought about what I want to do for my little girl since the moment we found out we were having her. I chose Artifact Uprising for our wedding album and I would love for them to help us continue the story…

  70. Carol Liu says:

    Pick me because my baby is the cutest and I need more ways to showcase her cuteness. Thanksss

  71. We are just now starting to collect beautiful things for our first baby coming in the Spring. I’m already a big fan of Artifact Uprising, this baby book is on my wish list.

  72. This could not be any more perfect! This book is so stunningly made I’ve been eyeing it for weeks really wanting to spring for it for my little sister who’s having her first baby. I know it’s nothing she would ever spend money on but you will have it forever! You and your family will treasure this baby book!

  73. Beautiful photo book! It would be perfect to document my first little son who is now 2 1/2 months old!

  74. Tamara Rey says:

    I was obsessed with my baby book too growing up… mostly because there were photos of my younger sister in them. Sabrina was my favorite person, favorite word, and best friend (still is). Sabrina just had twins, a boy and a girl and they’re almost 3 months 🙂 They are my favorite humans. This book would be the perfect gift to help her feel creative and capture every month and moment in such a beautiful way. Are those prints from artifact as well? So stunning! This gift would be timeless and we would both treasure it ??

  75. Elyse Eisenberg says:

    Gorgeous book and would be the perfect way to remember all of my son’s milestones!

  76. Ana Millan says:

    Hi Molly! I used Artifacts Uprising to print out Thank you cards for our wedding that occurred on 6.12.2016. I found out I was pregnant in July 2016 and as a result only mailed out approximately 10-15 wedding thank you cards. I’ve always felt bummed that These beautiful wedding thank you cards never came to fruition for our guests to see. They are sitting in my garage now 1 year later collecting dust. I wish to redeem myself over these wasted thank you cards and turn my disappointment into happiness by creating an equally lovely baby book that I can feel proud to share with my child in the future.

  77. I would love this SO MUCH! It is a perfect babe book for my son! I look through my partner’s baby book constantly and wish my parents were able to do so for me. I want to be able to do that for my son.

  78. Ooh this would be a dream to win! I have eyed
    up so many different books and just kept coming back to this one! It’s so beautifully curated and ideal for creative mamas. I am expecting our little girl in 8 weeks and want something as beautiful as this to document her first moments ???.

  79. I looooved my baby book and wish it could’ve been more complete, but like you, I’m thankful for what is in there. My daughter is four now and while I’ve been updating an Instagram account for her for a while now, online “baby books” don’t seem as precious as being able to hold one and share something so personal and thoughtful (and handwritten) with your loved one. And this book is gorgeous! Another good one, Artifact Uprising!!

  80. Haley Schrauben says:

    I have used Artifact Uprising for a number of projects – wedding books for myself and parents, prints from travel, gifts for friends – their quality and service is top notch, and I am OBSESSED with their aesthetic. This baby book is no exception! What a beautiful way to capture such a special time. I would love to give this to my best friend who is expecting 🙂

  81. Olivia Foster says:

    Hi! I have a seven month old and since my husband and I are both full- time teachers, we haven’t had time to build a baby book. This one looks like it would be PERFECT for us to update and keep up with!

  82. this is so beautiful! my husband and i just became an aunt and uncle for the first time and we’ve been looking for something special to bring with us the next time we visit – this would be wonderful!

  83. Kimberley Libby says:

    I love the look of the album! It has a simple soft and modern look to it. Baby isn’t here yet but when he arrives then this ablum would be perfect to add pictures to!

  84. I’ve been looking for a baby book that goes month-by-month, this one looks so perfect!

  85. Jillian Ersland says:

    Love this so much! would make the most perfect baby book for my little boy 🙂

  86. Motherhood has been challenging for me though unbelievably beautiful. At 4 months pregnant, I walked away from a suddenly abusive and controlling marraige. With nothing, I recalled my former strength and independence, these memories of myself served as the fuel to rebuild everything in my life so that my sons needs would be met. He’s two months old now, we’re in a better place and continuously strategizing for equilibrium, peace, joy and, most of all, love. The artifacts uprising baby book would serve us as a tool of practicing positive reflection to further fuel our climb as the book becomes, in and of itself, a beacon of joyful energy for us to share; and for him to soon keep forever.

  87. sarah Masson says:

    I love how modern this looks! I was obsessed with scrapbooking in high school and hated the senior book everyone ordered, so I made my own. I don’t have my own kid, but I’d love to make one of these for my nephew. I only wish my handwriting didn’t look like a drunk five year old.

  88. Stephanie says:

    Just like you, I have lofty ambitions with things like baby books. But motivation by a stellar book and gorgeous prints are key.

  89. Is it still appropriate for me to enter when I have no baby 😛 I’m obsessed with this baby book and want it for my own when that day comes 😉

  90. Crystal Yim says:

    I’d love to win this for my best friend- she’s having her first baby at the end of November!

  91. I am having my first baby in November and have been searching for the perfect way to document. This baby book is perfect 🙂

  92. melanie huttner says:

    I would love to give this to my best friend who is expecting her first baby!

  93. I would love to win it so I could store my baby boy’s pics~

  94. Would love to win for my grandbaby!

    Thanks! 🙂

  95. Kristen W says:

    I’ve been looking at these for a while, they’re so beautiful!! Everything artifact uprising comes up with is amazing 🙂 my little one is coming in the spring, I would LOVE to have one of these books to document everything!

  96. I just had our little baby girl 4 days ago. My mom is arriving soon for a visit and told me she’s bringing my baby book! I know how special it’s going to be to look at it again with eyes as a mother. I would love to create a keepsake for our daughter like my mother has for me. I love how artful this baby book is and I would be overjoyed to win it!

  97. Elizabeth A. Justice says:

    Both of my sister-in-laws are pregnant, and this would be the perfect shower gift. Love it

  98. Heather C says:

    My son is just Arlo’s age, he was a 4th of July baby! I have followed you and your family through the end of your pregnancy and now these last months with your baby boy! (I crack UP watching his grandfather on your Insta Stories!) While I was pregnant with my son I searched and searched for the perfect baby book, and that’s when I found the story of you. I fell in love with the clean and classic look of this book. As a new small business owner I couldn’t bring myself to spend that kind of money on a baby book, so I decided just to go without. Winning this book would be so special to me to be able to chronicle and cherish these sweet memories and milestones with my son!

  99. I am having our second child soon and this would be perfect. I love the simplicity and great design from Artifact uprising!

  100. I have a little boy as well and these books are simply gorgeous. I would love to document his life using such a special keepsake.

  101. I’d love this for my 4mo son! I have a ton of photos on my phone I need to get into an album 🙂

  102. our little girl just turned one month and would love to start capturing her life (other than our iphones!)

  103. I would love to win this gorgeous book to document my baby girl’s first year! She is 8 months now and though I have a baby book, I am behind on updating it and it isn’t nearly as pretty as this one, thanks for the chance!

  104. I would love to have this book to document my daughter’s first year. I’ve been stalking this baby book from artifact uprising for months now. Would love to actually own it. Thank you for the chance to own this!

  105. Stephanie says:

    This is the perfect baby book – simple, elegant, and absolutely beautiful! I would love to win it!!

  106. I’m about to be a first time mama to a little boy as well and so I’ve loved seeing your posts as I know what I have to look forward to.

    I’ve been eyeing this book since Artifact Uprising came out with it. Would love to win it and document the first year of the little guy’s life!

  107. I have a little one that this book would be great for.

  108. Lisbeth Wendelrup says:

    My best friend has been trying for a child for many years, she’s been on IVF for a long time and last week I finally found out that they’ve been successful! They’re expecting a little bundle of joy in May. My friend and her husband have been wanting this child more than anything and I’m so happy for her. My friend moved 3 hours by plane away from me to be with her love a few years back, she lives in the north of Sweden and I live in the south. It’s very expensive to travel within Sweden so since I can’t come to visit her and be there for her during her pregnancy I’d love to send something as beautiful and meaningful as this book to her. It would be a wonderful gift to a mother to be who’s wanted a child for so long.

  109. This would be awesome to document my son’s life (: