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the nursery : the reveal

we finished the nursery! it’s so fun to have it all finished and i looove sitting in here and spacing out and picturing this baby actually living in here instead of inside me.

it’s definitely my favorite room in the house, it’s so bright and warm and brings us so much happiness.

in case you need a refresher of what the room looked like before, it did not have the same cozy vibe it does now!

after a ton of researching and home improvement store visits and quotes, we ended up not being able to do the folding closet doors we were hoping to do because the width of the closet was just way too big — so instead we had our contractor convert the mirrored doors by removing the mirrors and covering with plywood, which they then painted white and we put pretty handles on. they feel soooo much lighter weight than the mirrors and i plan to hang babys art all over them someday.

we put the same simple cellular shades on the windows that we use in our bedroom, they’re cheap and safe and they totally black out the room, and i decided to skip curtains to keep it simple.

my contractor also made these narrow shelves for us and hung them without visible hardware. they’re just deep enough that the books fit just fine and i’m so happy to have the extra storage and make baby look smart.

besides presents we got for him and cute baby things, we filled the room with little remnants of places he’s been, a shell from our anniversary trip to maine when we conceived him (TMI?), a crystal we got in hawaii, a branch from new mexico. i love looking around and seeing all these little things that actually mean something.

the room has already changed a little since we took these photos, the changing table is now actually functional, and we have since had our baby shower so we actually have lots more things we needed like a diaper pail and cute toys and things like that!

also i’m so stoked on these photos, we did a maternity session at the same time and i’ll share photos with you this week.




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  1. what a dreamy little space for a little baby!

  2. So beautiful Molly! LOVE IT ALL! So happy and excited for you guys!

  3. Okay, I’m not a baby person (AT ALL) but this nursery makes me smile! It’s so clean and simple yet warm and cozy at the same time… y’all did an amazing job with it! The personal touches! 😀

  4. Ashley Mauceri says:

    This room is perfect! Congratulations!

  5. Love it, so inviting, where did you get such a perfect rug?

  6. So pretty! I’ve been eyeing that rocker for a nursery…you’ll have to share your thoughts on it after it has gotten some use 🙂

  7. This is the most perfect nursery in existence!

  8. This is so beautiful! What is the wooden string hanging by the dresser called? Where did you get it?

  9. What a beautiful, calming space. Great choices of books too! You might have to wait a while until your baby is ready for Stuck and I Want My Hat Back but they are sure to be great favourites!

  10. I love this! I’m obsessed with the blanket you have hanging on the crib. I suspect it’s vintage but where did you get it? Or what would you call it if you were looking for a similar style blanket? Thanks!

  11. Lisa Walker says:

    Wayyyy cute!!! I just saw a few of your house posts and have been wondering what the wood stain color is? And brand?


  12. Don’t forget a changing pad! we double our dresser as a changing table, so you can do that too.

  13. Hi! I just finished going through your house (and DIYs and printables) posts and it’s all beautiful! You’re doing an AMAZING job at it. As a fellow owner of three cats, I would reaaally love to see how you put their things like litter box and foods and those toy(s) that they never seem to have interest in. Thank you!xx

  14. It’s gorgeous! So peaceful and perfect for baby. I love the light wood of the crib with the white everything else!

  15. Where is the white side table from?

  16. Beautiful! Where is your rug from?