netflix gems ⋅ part 3

it’s been a looong while since i last did a post on what’s streaming on netflix. this is because netflix never adds good movies lately. they’ve always had a crap ton of indie movies that i’ve never heard of – but it’s been hard to find any decent ones at all on there. have you noticed? but don’t worry — there’s still some stuff on there that you should watch if you haven’t. here are my favorites right now :

netflix gems | almost makes perfect

mortified nation a documentary about a live stage show where adults read their most embarrassing teenage journal entries on stage. i found this super heartwarming and highly recommend.

supporting characters i just watched this because i saw ray from girls was in it. i was pleasantly surprised when i really liked it.

bad milo if you like horror movies, i recommend it. it’s a ridiculous plot, but we thought it was really good. not sure if many others agree.

don’t trust the bitch in apt 23 we randomly turned this on once, and next thing you know we were on season 2. next thing you know i’m depressed it was cancelled so soon. all of the episodes are on netflix and it’s a really funny show. i swear. i had no interest in it either initially.

big trouble in little china i’m sure you’ve seen it, but if you haven’t — do that right now. i’ve watched it four times since it came on netflix. so what.

seems like old times i looooved this movie as a kid and i still do. goldie hawn & chevy chase & charles grodin? well duh.

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  1. Melissa B says:

    I had the exact same experience with “Don’t Trust the B”! I started watching it on a day when I was bored and I felt like I had seen EVERYTHING else on Netflix… I got through half of the first season and then circled back and started from the beginning again so my roommate could watch too. We loved it! Definitely an underrated show.

  2. This is wonderful timing – I’ve been feeling the same about netflix lately! the same old things always pop up on the lists – you really have to know what you’re searching for to find new stuff :). Thanks for the tips!

  3. Thanks for the recommendations! That Bad Milo thing looks… um… interesting. I was pleasantly surprised by Don’t Trust the B too. Love James Van Der Beek playing himself. So funny

  4. That documentary sounds pretty good! I’m always on the lookout for good documentaries and will definitely add this to the list!