diy modern pet bowl stand

strangely enough, this is my first DIY for the cats ever. i guess i’m NOT that obsessed with them — AM I, DAD!? my cats have a tendency of knocking all their food onto the floor and spilling the water everywhere, so i was determined to try to get that to stop a little by raising their bowls up higher. and let’s be real, i also wanted something a little more chic… so we built this stand for their food bowls!

diy modern pet bowl stand  |  almost makes perfect

bodhi seems to be ok with it.

diy wood pet bowl stand | almost makes perfect

now our stand is built specifically for our cat bowls, which are actually small dog bowls. if you have different sized bowls or different sized pets, you can easily just remeasure for your bowls. (and duh, you could make a two bowl version if you have a lone pet)

diy wood pet bowl stand


food bowls
square wooden dowels cut down to :
— four 5″ pieces (length)
— four 18.75″ pieces (height)
— six 5.25″ pieces (depth)
2 packs of 1″ #3 wood screws
wood glue
a drill

diy wood pet bowl stand

now it was pretty hard to capture the actual process of this in photos, so instead i did something i’ve never done — make a guide. not sure if it helps or is just crazy confusing.


— once you have your pieces cut down at your hardware store (or you can do it yourself if you really want to), sand the edges to all be as even as possible. it never ceases to upset me when the cuts done aren’t robot perfect.

wood pet bowl stand guide

01 | build out your top and bottom first. attach one length piece to a depth piece, by gluing and clamping and letting dry. once dry, drill a hole. 

02 | once all of the depth pieces are attached and secure, clamp, glue and screw your opposite end on.

03 + 04 | do the same on the bottom.

05 | once both the top and bottom are completed, attach your height pieces.

diy modern pet bowl stand

now let your cats or dogs HAVE AT IT and make it all gross right away like mine did. i mean right away.

diy modern pet bowl stand | almost makes perfectdiy modern pet bowl standdiy modern pet bowl stand

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  1. OMG, it feels like I have been waiting for such a DIY without even knowing. My cats do the same, spilling water and they are such messy eaters. And even though I love them very much I don’t like ‘their’ things (toys, litter box, food bowls) in our flat as it always looks a bit unstylish. But you have just brought the solution for at least a part of it. Thanks for this great DIY post.

  2. That’s REALLY cute! My cat (Cat) would love it. Definitely my next weekend project

    1. Awee! Your cat’s name is (Cat)?! I named one of mine new kittens (Kat) too! I was inspired from Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Is it the same for you as well? Lol 🙂

  3. Great idea, I’ll definitely add it to my to-do-list!
    Curious about your rug – can you share where you got it?

  4. I have been looking for something like this for a while now and this is perfect!

  5. Just what I need for my two kitties!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!

  6. It seems that even though this DIY is very cute, the problem still remains. Don’t they knock all of their food onto the floor now underneath :)?
    My current problem is after their food is knocked (we also have wet food which is the biggest issue) ants become very friendly 🙁
    Now we have moved their food up onto the furniture (they seem to love the climb). So I am interested how this DYI is working out for you in the sense if the food is still on the floor.

  7. Great DIY!! So few have 3 bowl holders. I only have one cat but I go between wet and dry food so we have 3 bowls. Thanks! 🙂

  8. What an amazing idea. I know several people who are going to love your pet dish holder.

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  10. great idea! I have the same problem. Do you mind if I ask what size dowels you used?

  11. Love it! Do you mind sharing your source for that lovely rug?

  12. What a great idea, saves so much money by doing this!

  13. This is so great! seriously loving your blog and DIY’s they are so clean and modern. nice work 🙂

  14. I love this! You should make more pet DIYs! If you dont mind, what bowls do you have? I have Bella bowls for my cats that look similar but dont have as much of a lip.

  15. This is awesome, perfect project for the fur babies. I’ve seen similar pet stands at stores for outrageous prices, this is perfect for being on a budget.

  16. Awesome DIY! Where did you get your bowls from?

  17. Haley Blue says:

    Love! Totally making on for my two fur babies!
    Do you mind sharing where the rug is from?!?

  18. This is so great! seriously loving DIY’s.Nice work 🙂