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shows to binge watch this summer | almost makes perfect

now that the bachelorette is over (WHAT?! i didn’t watch the bachelorette…), i meant, now that TV shows are over… i thought i’d share some of the shows we’ve watched hard. real hard. and they’re all streaming! yay!

i wouldn’t recommend this if you haven’t watched or don’t love the movie, but if you have, then you probably already watched the show — so i guess i don’t need to mention this at all. ps i loved it.

we loved season 1, but season 2 was even better. if you haven’t watched, watch. it’s so so good.

i really don’t want this to get cancelled so i hope everyone can watch it and it won’t be. it’s super dark, super hilar.

you already watched this?! well duh as you should have because everyone was talking about it. but if you haven’t, duuude.

it took me a while to watch, and then i did and i was like oh why wasn’t i watching? best girl show since SATC. but boys actually like this one. (gid actually likes SATC just so we’re all clear)

this might seem like a strange one on the list, but we randomly turned on an episode when we were bored one night and got totally hooked. it’s like project runway but with tattoos, which still might not sound that appealing but for some reason i am obsessed with this show.

i recommended this on the last netflix roundup, but i still recommend because you didn’t watch it did you?! DID YOU!?

well duh. a surprising amount of people have said to me “oh i’ve already seen all the episodes”, but no — when you actually watch in order versus seeing the last two seasons after jeopardy its a totally different experience.

you may have heard me preach about how good this show is – well it’s gooood. it’s so cheesy and awesome and you’ve already watched it anyway so stop reading about it.

loved this show. it got cancelled way too soon, but luckily they made a finale movie, so you can watch that and be sad.

yes i am still a teenager apparently. this season was so good. everyone is so hot and they fight so much. highly recommend.

another show i’ve already mentioned on here, it is so much funnier than you’d think.

i’m now ashamed to admit i never watched friends as a kid. i watched seinfeld instead. well i watched it hard and LOLed so much.

another show you already watched. but if you didn’t, you really should. it’s funny.

i just figured i’d add it because i love typing apparently.

another way too short lived show that at least you can watch in one afternoon, so that’s a plus?

it actually took me a few episodes to get into it, even though i love him. but it’s weird and awesome.

if you want to be my friend, you should probably have watched all of lost.

if you want to be my friend, you should probably have watched all of arrested.

ok, so i watch a lot of TV. i also left out a whole bunch of shows to keep this fairly brief (and some to avoid judgement). got any suggestions for me? evidently, i have plenty of time to watch more TV.

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  1. Katherine says:

    Hi Molly! Great suggestions. I’m in love this some of these as well! If you like Black Mirror and scifi stuff like that, you would LOVE Orphan Black. I’m completely obsessed. The actress in it is incredible, and it’s a treat to watch!

    PS: This is the first time I’ve commented, so thanks for all the inspiring posts! I made the copper bar earrings and some earrings out of the geometric cuff links tutorial and gave them to my friends for Christmas this year! They were was huge hit!! Love, Katherine

    1. thank you katherine! glad to hear from you!! would love to see photos next time you try a project!

  2. Watch ‘Catastrophe’ on Amazon Prime. It is so funny and so smart. I couldn’t get enough!

    1. ooo thank you molly! i hadn’t even heard of it!

  3. Ugh so many good shows! I want to watch Broad City! x

    1. do it! you’ll love or you can be mad at me if you don’t! (you will)

  4. Just finished wet hot summer last night and I wish there was more. it was awesome.
    And, freaking the b in apartment 23 is so funny, whatever Dawson’s real name is- he is hilarious.

    1. laurel – i knowww! it went by way too quickly right?! same with b. but i’ve actually rewatched the entire thing since first viewing! x

  5. Don’t be embarrassed about not watching Friends! I’ve still never seen an episode. Seinfeld all the way, though!

    If you have HBO Go, watch Veep! It’s so hilarious, and extra good if you’re a Seinfeld fan because you get to see Elaine being badass and super profane, and Buster from Arrested Development is a weirdo, as usual. And John Oliver’s show is really good, too.

    If you love Broad City, you should watch Inside Amy Schumer. Although you’ve probably already seen it, ’cause everyone has. You might also like Halt and Catch Fire, which is about the computer revolution in the eighties. Also, we just started watching Mr. Robot and it seems really interesting. I think all of the above is on Amazon, though, so you have to buy them per season.

    Yay for streaming tv!

    1. ok but rachel — watch friends! i swear it’s so funny. i’m planning on someday watching veep, and i loveee john oliver. my brother just started mr robot too and said its awesome. thank you thank you! x

  6. carolyn clarke says:

    In no particular order: Supernatural (2 fine looking men; engaging stories, funny yet scary, 10 years of shows)
    Scandal (Politics, Sex, death and mayhem, what more do you want?); Sons of Anarchy (Macbeth on motorcycles); Law and Order (except for SVU); Will and Grace (particularly the early years when it was funny), Justified (particularly seasons 1, 2 and 3 when Elmore Leonard was still alive.)

    1. thank you carolyn! we tried one ep of sons of anarchy but i couldn’t get into it. my brother loves justified, but it seemed so … boy-y. hahaha. x

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  8. Playing House on USA! It’s so great. It seems like more of a girl show but my husband LOVES it. And don’t “someday” watch Veep. Watch it now. 🙂

  9. Oh Molly, this is fantastic! I am an addict when it comes to tv series. I haven’t been able to binge watch for awhile. Can’t wait to start this list when fall comes. Cold weather = staying home = couch potato! Sweet!

    Juju Sprinkles