my fave things this month : september

ok a little late this month, but i was very busy putting izzy’s birthday party together. here are things i used and loved the most in september.

wide brim crochet hat

i’d been looking for a wider brim hat for a while that wasn’t hundreds of dollars, and i found this one that’s made to order and you can customize how wide you want it! i’m very happy with it.

zit stickas

i’ve been breaking out a little more than usual this month and stealing these from gid. THEY ARE AMAZING. they’re zit stickers that have microdarts in the patch. i don’t love that the packaging feels wasteful and they’re super expensive per sticker, but these things really work on the giant honkers.

my tiny crossbody woven bag

i’ve been loving this little purse, because i can also just throw it into my gym or diaper bag so i don’t have to transfer my stuff back and forth all the time.

dae hair oil

i got this to use after showers before air drying my hair, and my hair already feels way more hydrated and shinier!!

ribbed button front vest

i am obsessed with this vest — it’s super comfortable, flattering and i feel like i can dress it up and down easily. it looks good with all my soft pants too which i can’t say for every top i own! it’s just so cute i highly recommend it!

my phone strap

this thing is so good compared to using all the popsockets and loops and all the things that hurt my fingers. it’s way more comfortable, i can hold my phone securely with it, i can use tripods and phone mounts and wireless chargers all without having to remove it. big fan!

plaid quilted jacket

very into this jacket i got recently, it’s lightweight and the perfect boxy cropped length for me (i sized down and got an XS)

izzy’s play tent

i got this for izzy’s bday party and both kids love playing in here so much.

miami muse body spray skull

ok so i still haven’t found THE scent, but i got this at the mall recently and, as a millennial, i am loving dousing myself like i used to– totally 1999 love spell vibes. it smells really good and it’s inexpensive! for now, i’m enjoying it.

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  1. Just a note that, as a millennial mom, I really appreciate having wonderful and relatable blogs like yours to read after a long day. Thanks for posting.