my favorite things this month : july

all the best things i bought or used the most this past month, just click on the product for the link.

baby/kids pajamas

these were are favorite pajamas for arlo, but i just started izzy in two pieces and they’re just so cute and so soft — i love all the floral patterns and lettuce edge ones that i get to buy now!

my mary janes

hopefully you’re not sick of seeing these yet because i’m not sick of wearing them or talking about them. they are so cute and pretty comfortable considering how inexpensive they are. i would size down!

snack spinner

i got this for izzy and i’m loving it for packing her tiny food on the go. plus when she gets a little bigger she’s gonna love spinning it herself.

cotton boxy tank

i got this tank in person and bought it in this second color because it’s so soft and the shape is super flattering. it’s on sale!

phone strap

i got this after losing my popsocket for the 10th time, and i am loving it. it doesn’t interfere with wireless charging in my car or a tripod for shooting — and it’s super comfortable when i’m holding my phone! i’m so happy with it!!!

woven placemats

i got these placemats for our backyard and they’re very cute AND very inexpensive so if they get trashed i won’t be too bummed. it’s nice to be able to keep some outside for the backyard dinners we’re not currently having because it’s way too hot, but hopefully sometime soon again.

small stoneware platter

obsessed with this cute little platter! it’s the perfect small size for our small family dinners and it looks so much more expensive than it is.

saltyface set

in the summer when my face is pale but my body is tan, i am so grateful for this. i wear SPF and always in a hat so that i don’t get sun on my face, so instead i use this because i feel my best when i’m tan. it never looks blotchy or weird, my face looks so naturally bronzed and just like the rest of my body!

use code MOLLYMADFIS for 10% off

bare august foot file + bare august foot butter

i got this in a PR package recently and assumed it wouldn’t do much to improve my terribly cracked and dry heels, but i’m sooo happy to report that it’s easily the best products i’ve ever used on them. the foot file is glass and seems to really get a lot off comfortably, while the foot butter i use post shower and it doesn’t feel greasy afterwards. i honestly can’t believe how much better my heels feel after just a couple of weeks.

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