my favorite purchases of 2023

as always, in january i love to reflect back and pick out my favorite things from the year — the things that were the most helpful to my life and house and here they are!

my fave face wash

tatcha rice wash

this is the best face wash i’ve ever used! i love the gentle exfoliating it does and my face feels so clean afterwards. smells nice too!

wall candle holder

double candle sconce

everyone and their moms put candle sconces on their walls, but the coziness it adds to a bare wall is unmatched! 

my new armchair

bacio lounge chair

in an effort to bump up the coziness in my house, i got this chair on fb marketplace and we love it so much! arlo sits in it constantly and i just had to include it because it really brings me joy

callus remover

bare august glass foot file

never in my life have i gone to get a pedicure without them suggesting i do callous removal… UNTIL I STARTED USING THIS. i swear there was one time they didnt even suggest it! it really has helped my terribly dry heels majorly.

foot butter

foot butter

it might also be because of this foot butter i use post shower — the combo together has done wonders for my feet!

the best makeup stick

merit stick

for someone who has never been good at makeup, this stick has changed my life. dramatic BUT TRUE. i just rub it on and use the merit brush to blend it in before i use powder on top and my skin has never looked clearer. (i use the linen color)

my everyday pants

cotton lounge pants

i wear these pants so often i HAD to include them. they are as comfortable as sweatpants but you can dress them up and i find myself putting them on way too often — i just wish they had more colors. size down! they run really large.

my fave period underwear

saalt period underwear

i was on a mission to find absorbent period underwear that wasnt made with bad chemicals and was actually comfortable and i’m so glad i found saalt. i get the boy shorts so theres less VPL but i wish they were slightly longer. they are extremely comfortable and i love to wear them in case of spotting because my period is all over the place postpartum

my fave candle

aloe + bergamot candle

i am obsessed with this scent and i’ve been buying it all year long. i dont know what it is about it but i just find the smell so relaxing and i hope they never discontinue it!!

also i love this one second best!!! 

our new nespresso

nespresso vertuo plus

we got this as a temporary machine when our nespresso machine broke, we had it repaired and returned and we still opted to use this one! it’s much quieter and it’s been so nice to make big ol cups of coffee with the larger pods. we really love it! it’s certainly not as pretty but i think i’m ok with that.

my favorite phone accessory

phone strap

i’d been hunting for a way to safely hold my giant phone without using a pop socket that digs into my fingers forever and ever since i tried this strap i’m hooked. PUN INTENDED! i love that i dont have to remove it to use tripods or phone mounts and my fingers never hurt using it! 

my fave hair oil

dae hair oil

i’ve never been a hair product person, but i started using this post hair washing and i’m loving it, i feel like my hair feels so much softer, shinier and less frizzy

my fave dry shampoo

amika dry shampoo

but also i’m obsessed with this dry shampoo because i dont wash my hair often and this smells good without that obvious my hair is dirty but i have dry shampoo on it smell — and it really feels like it adds so much body and oomph back to dirty hair. i’ve gone an embarrassing amount of time without washing my hair because of this stuff

my fave OLIVE OIL

graza olive oil

i am obsessed with this olive oil! i love that its high quality, nice packaging and still inexpensive. there is something that feels so fancy chef about using a squeeze bottle for olive oil you wont want to go back! i use both the drizzle and the sizzle constantly. 

my fave pens

0.5mm gel pens

i got these pens for the baby shower i hosted this year and i was shocked by how much i love the way they write. highly recommend!

my fave daytrip bag

market bag

i started using one of these market totes for day trips out to relatives houses, etc and they are CLUTCH for baby stuff. i love that i can organize within the pockets and see where everything is. i use one side for arlo stuff, one side for izzy stuff and its just really surprisingly satisfying to use. (this is the exact one i have)

my fave throw blanket

sunday citizen throw blanket

WOWWOWOW. got this for an xmas present so i only used for a few days of 2023 but i still think it deserves a spot. if you like cozy, THIS IS THE EPITOME OF IT.

my fave deodorant

necessaire gel deodorant

i’d been looking for a natural deodorant that was also gel, smelled good, actually worked for me– and i’m super happy with this one! i love that it doesn’t get on my clothes like the white ones.

my fave nonstick pan

our place pan

ok so my first our place pan was good but not perfect, but i finally tried a new one since they’ve improved it and its a huge difference. the nonstick is night and day, its even easy to get scrambled eggs off immediately. i love that its oven safe now and that they have the large size skillet. the spoon rest is also a game changer.

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