my fave things this month | may

mini sauce containers

it took me a while to find little sauce containers for arlos lunchbox that actually fit and were easy to screw the caps off and on.

graza drizzling oil

i love this stuff so much! i didn’t think i’d use it as much as our regular olive oil because it felt too fancy but its actually not super expensive and it’s so useful. i love it for drizzling on crispy fried eggs, on top of arugula, i use it for air frying veggies a lot too.

lux unfiltered lip serum

i have super dry chapped lips so i figured i’d try this out and use it nightly before bed, and my lips are VERY soft and moisturized! i don’t see why i would stop using it!!

matte glass candle

i got this candle for my bff’s birthday and i couldn’t believe how good it smelled. it’s beautiful too.

mini bamboo bowl set

these are my favorite little bowls! i use them for arlo snacks but also now for izzy’s food, they’re easy, cute, unbreakable and perfectly small for the kids. they’re meant to be appetizers so they come on a wood tray (which i’ll use occasionally, but more often we just use them for kids foods). i got a second set since they were on sale so i thought i should share about them!

quincy mae swimsuit

the cutest little swimsuit i got for izzy!

whipped cotton bra

i love this bra so much, it’s insanely comfortable and now they have new colors and you can save if you get 2. i needed a black bralette and i researched to try to find a less expensive one but realized i liked this one too much to branch out.

merit concealer stick

i’m not into foundation or concealer but i have a lot of blemishes i want to cover, this stick is amazing! it covers a lot but also doesn’t feel heavy or cakey or makeup-y. i got it in the linen color.

cord storage box

desperately needed this for my crazy cord situation under my bed, i didn’t think i’d be able to use one of these boxes because we have a low platform bed but it fits perfectly! it is suuuuch an improvement.

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