my fave things this month | june

our gas fire pit

we just did our first fire of the summer and it brought me so much joy! i love this firepit because it looks so good and the fire is actually pretty legit. i’ve seen other gas fire pits where the flame is tiny but ours gets big and is perfect for s’more nights!

packable beach mat

we typically use gathre mats for beach days, but i got this for our trip and it was so convenient. it’s super lightweight, so it needs rocks to weigh it down at the beach but it was so nice to have a big mat for izzy to lay on wherever we went on vacation.

patchwork dress

the prettiest summer dress! i just feel so good in this and it’s nursing friendly too. i ended up getting mine tailored and turned it into a midi dress.

face mist spray

sun bum everything is my favorite, but this face spray is so easy to use on arlo’s face. we leave one outside our front door so we always remember to spray him before going out.

packable hat

i got this hat on the first day of our trip and i’m not sure if i ever took it off. it’s so easy to pack because you can scrunch it down and it keeps it’s shape.

blackout crib cover

this thing was CRUCIAL for our trip! i almost got a slumberpod but decided to try this instead and it’s so much easier. it just fits right over your travel crib and izzy slept wherever we put her, sometimes right in the middle of a room and it didn’t matter! the only thing is that once she starts standing up we might not be able to use it, but gonna just cross that bridge later.

cropped cardigan

another thing i loved on our vacation was this sweater, it was the only one i packed and i wore it so much. i love that it’s washable because i basically need everything to be with a baby. but it’s also cozy and it looks cute both buttoned and unbuttoned.

weighted silcione plate

i got these plates for izzy and they are weighted so she can’t pick them up really, but they’re also so chic and look like something i’d buy for us!

merit stick + blending brush

ok so i put the merit stick on my list last month too, but that’s how much i love it. i have NEVER been a concealer person but the stick is so easy to apply and goes on so light but somehow provides so much coverage still! and the blending brush is incredible too, i just draw all over my blemishes with the stick and then rub it all in with the brush and i’m MADE UP.

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