my favorite things this month : august

izzy’s walker

omg i was not expecting this to be SO important to her — but wow it’s pretty much all she wants to do hahah. she walks back and forth and back and forth in the living room all day, so glad we have it (and that i registered for it!)

drop stop

we had this in our old car and just got another pair for our new car– it fills the gap in between your seat and your center console and stops items from inevitably dropping down into the dark abyss under the seat. we’d already lost two things down there before we bought it, it’s amazing (and practically invisible once it’s installed)

amika dry shampoo

omg. i went to sephora and asked what their favorite dry shampoo was and this was recommended, it’s definitely the best one i’ve used. you know that familiar dry shampoo smell and when you use it, you assume people will just be able to smell that your hair has dry shampoo on it and is actually very dirty? this one doesn’t have that smell.

and it works SO well on my thick hair, this might sound terribly gross but it works so well i realized i hadn’t actually washed my hair in almost 2 weeks and it looked and felt fine!!! hahah ew. (ps i use a nice shower cap but it’s been kind of denting my forehead too much so i might get this one)

silicone baby food containers

i got these for izzy’s food and little snacks and they’re SO CUTE. i love all the colors. they also have vent holes and they’re freezer/microwave/dishwasher safe

glazed donut lash curler

i got this eyelash curler when my other one broke recently — and i love it! i love a handled lash curler, i don’t know why they’re not more popular. it makes the biggest difference on my lashes, plus it’s $10!!!

la apparel crop tank

i’ve shared this countless times but it’s just the best tank in the world! the cut and neckline are so flattering and i love this “dolphin blue” color with everything.

londontown polish

i finally got some new nail polish colors (i bring my own to the nail salon) and this color is so pretty — it’s called cactus coral. also in love with nail veil #3 which is a sheer mauve color that conditions your nails while it’s on!

minna bath towels

the cutest towels! i like the pattern so much that i actually am just using as pool/beach towels right now, but they’re soft and absorbent and a mix between terrycloth and turkish towels. use code ALMOSTMAKESPERFECT for 15% off!

air mesh fanny pack

i’ve been using this fanny pack constantly and it’s super convenient for throwing my keys wallet and lip balm into for school drop off. it has convenient little pockets in the front and the back for things like just your license and credit card and a key clip.

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