mothers day gift guide (while quarantined)

mother’s day is going to look pretty different this year obviously. and while i’ve always been a homebody and focused mostly on cozy gifts, this year they’re a little bit cozier. a bunch of things that would be useful or comforting in this weird phase of our lives… hope they help you!

01. if she’s stuck in the kitchen she should at least have something new and pretty to use for bread and soup making, i love this dutch oven. (also obviously i suggest an air fryer but i thought that was implied)
02. no time to rest or time to herself? this jade eye mask seems crucial
03. since there’s little to look forward to rn, i’ve been loving setting a pretty table for dinner. i love every napkin kesslyr dean makes
04. a new creative hobby like this cute embroidery kit for beginners
05. another pretty kitchen toy and something to encourage more cookies so win win
06. looove this cozy jumpsuit and sweater two piece set
07. the dreamiest gauze robe, any mom would be so happy to have this
08. ordering flowers is not cheap, but these are so gorgeous and would be such a pick me up
09. a pretty pink electric tea kettle for all the tea enthusiast mamas
10. a cute little paint by number kit that would be just as satisfying as finishing a puzzle
11. if we’re stuck at home now is the time to re-organize everything, this book is the perfect inspo
12. and since we may never have alone time again for a looong time, some fancy bluetooth headphones would be perfect for a little moment of escape
13. she may not care about getting dolled up but smelling nice goes a long way, this is the perfume i (still) use daily
14. a big box of delicious croissants that you can keep frozen, perfect quarantine gift for the carb lover
15. ok this might be the ugliest thing i’ve ever included in a gift guide, but so crucial right now. a massage pillow that supposedly actually works well and you can use for your shoulders and lower back (gid got this for me but it hasn’t arrived yet!)

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