holiday gift guide : for the new mom

i got a lot of requests for a gift guide for new moms! i thought really hard about gifts that would be helpful and useful and cozy for those first few challenging months, and not just about the baby because those gifts shouldn’t count!!

01. the coziest gauzy cloud bathrobe in pretty colors $99
02. plant dyed silk scrunchies, something to make a top bun a little more exciting $22
03. a really high quality dry shampoo because duh $25
04. well how could i not include my own baby on board magnet? $14
05. a retro polaroid camera for capturing all the cute little moments $100
06. a giant linen scarf that helps for nursing in public, using as a makeshift blanket etc $64
07. i love this lip and cheek balm for a little enhancement when i’m not wearing makeup $28
08. nursing moms need to drink so much water so a pretty water cup $16
09. little things like a sparkly bracelet made me feel nice when i couldn’t fit my rings on $60
10. body butter because i really neglected my self care those days $20
11. some pretty new high rise underwear to make her feel good $13
12. a simple perfume i love a lot to make her feel pretty (and clean) $60
13. love this minimal custom letter necklace, would be so cute with the babys initial! $35
14. wine because again duh, but i love the petite size of these bottles that are *low commitment* $48
15. the most beautiful baby book or even a gift card for future photo books $99 (use code PERFECT 15 till 12/31)

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