father’s day gift guide 2023

father’s day is 18 days away! i tried to come up with gifts that would appeal for young dads through grandpa dads. hope you find something you like for yours! (and ps, i just noticed last years gift guide is also very good in my humble opinion!)

01. basketball trash can

because NO ONE can resist throwing your trash into the can (or at least i can’t), arlo would actually love this a lot haha.

02. waxed canvas tote bag

a super handsome tote bag and there is also a duffel bag version!

03. iphone screen magnifier

for any dads that like to watch things on their phones! or play switch!

04. custom portrait

such a sweet thoughtful gift to have a little portrait made, and here’s a very inexpensive alternate too!

05. freezable beer glasses

i ONLY want to drink chilled beer. dads too! and here’s an alternate.

06. buck mason t-shirts

these are gids favorite t-shirts, they are soooo handsome!

07. leather wallet with air tag

because every guy i know loses his wallet way too often (you have to actually buy the air tag too)

08. rs01 sneakers

i’m in love with these sneakers! they are so handsome and they’re made from plastic bottles.

09. raen sunglasses

i think every gift guide has raen glasses on them? but they’re so good.

01. yeti travel mug

so many travel mugs don’t have handles but i think dads like a handle!

02. custom embroidered hat

i got this hat for gid embroidered with arlos drawing of our spooky family, and it’s his favorite gift ever

03. digital meat thermometer

because the whole cliche of dad loving their grills and whatnot!

04. gripper slippers

i got these for gid last year too — for the dads that want the feeling of slippers

05. digital picture frame

one of the sweetest gifts you can give someone these days! we love them.

06. charging leather valet

a very handsome addition to their nightstand or desk too!

07. hot sauce 4-pack

another cliche. i dont know, my brother loves hot sauce!

08. rechargeable vintage flashlight

very useful and also very handsome! here is a cheaper alternate too!

09. deluxe scrabble

if they’re into scrabble, how handsome is this deluxe version?!

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