holiday gift guide : for the obsessive redecorator

ok well this was definitely the quickest i’ve ever put together a gift guide because i guess this one is for me lol. being stuck at home for most of the year means a much more constant itch to change things up, so this gift guide has mostly beautiful home accessories so they’d be perfect for anyone who loves home decor.

01. i promise anyone obsessed with decorating wants their soap decanted lol $34
02. sculptural candles are so hot right now $30 
03. you can’t have too many decorative accents like this ceramic knot $60
04. i have these rattan trays and i use them EVERYWHERE $30
05. obsessed with this beautiful little opal votive holder, such a good gift! $30
06. these vases come in so many cool sculptural shapes $53-$62
07. this jute table lamp is such a fun little accent $110
08. this footed bowl is such a good gift because it’s super versatile $84
09. love this fun sunrise bathmat $48
10. gorgeous and inexpensive linen throw pillows that would look good in every home $29
11. a pretty little wall hanging that anyone would be able to find wall space for $48
12. i have this cute match striker and it’s so pretty on a coffee table $30
13. this little frog vase makes any florals look cool and artful $18
14. because seashells are all the rage rn, a cutie seashell incense holder $12
15. amber lewis’s new book that any aspiring decorator would want $32

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