holiday gift guide : for the worker bee

gift guide for the worker bee | almost makes perfect
we’re getting waaay close to christmas now, stop procrastinating and get your shopping done! do you have someone in your life who is basically glued to their desk chair? i do. so here are some simple, practical and beautiful gifts for the work obsessed friends or relative.

01. i’d be stoked to receive this handsome leather backpack
02. if you’re going to extend your cords, extend them pretty with this
03. the prettiest space heater i ever did see
04. planners and notebooks are the easiest gifts since you can never have too many
05. hourglass timers are stylish, useful and timeless (pun intended)
06. and in the same vein, a cute little wood desktop clock
07. another gift i personally can’t have too many of, portable speakers (i want one for every room)
08. an inspiring book, and here’s another option
09. the fanciest measuring tape ever, another easy gift
10. a cute little desk caddy to keep them organized
11. fancy brass scissors would also make dope stocking stuffers

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  1. I’m such a sucker for desktop lovlies and I’m in love with those scissors! 😀

  2. Loveee this gift guide! Now I just need someone to buy me these things and put them under a tree….

    – An