happy weekend

studio in progress

hope you guys have lots of fun holiday parties and/or holiday chilling planned. we have a bunch of parties this weekend, and every weekend until christmas. jeez — it’s so hard to be anti social when you have to be social. the studio is coming along as you can see – can’t wait to share the updates soon. this weekend we’re also going to try to start getting some plants to plant in our [currently just dirt covered] front yard and i’m co-hosting an event at lou & grey this sunday if you want to come by! have a great one.

want this top real bad
cute personalized ornament DIY
simple + lovely xmas wall decoration
is this your husband? it’s my husband. ugh sorry husband.
i hate daylight savings
don’t be a jerk.
cute printable xmas wrap
⋅ confused travolta
i wanna make one of these

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  1. The Instagram husband video is too much!! Sent it to my boyfriend immediately.

  2. I love these linky posts. I find so much inspiration and so many new people to start blog stalking! Keep em coming 🙂

  3. funny, I also got myself some ‘studio space’ – apartment, and the first thing that moved in was a plant, a fig I named Belmondo 😀 does your plant have a name?
    cheers from Greece