holiday gift guide / for the dads

is it just me or are dads the hardest to shop for? although lately all my dad wants is an ugly flag t-shirt of a country he’s visited. i guess it’s an age thing. but for those less specific dads, hopefully this guide helps!

holiday gift guide -- for the dads

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01 . for the sports fanatic, GOAT is beautiful (and expensive enough that you don’t have to get him anything else) and he’ll cherish it for life
02 . a fancy grooming product like this brass comb is probably something he’d never buy for himself
03 . for the beer drinker, they now make chillsners to stick in beers to make em cold!
04 . a nice pair of sunglasses to make him feel hip
05 . a fancy razor for the beardless dad
06 . an addition for his bar, this steel and wood cocktail shaker is super handsome
07 . a nice manly weekender for the traveling dad
08 . the perfect sized wallet that wouldn’t be able to get george constanza-ed
09 . i learned recently that every man should carry a knife. i don’t know why that is but i buy it
10 . i love these vans. and i think every guy would look perfect in them
11 . my dad still has every watch he may have ever owned. are other dads like that? if so, a fancy watch box can keep his bureau tidy
12 . any dad would be lucky to have such a good looking ipad case
13 . for the cooking dad, this molecular gastronomy kit should keep them having fun for hours. and hopefully you’ll get some good food out of it
14 . every dad that BBQs should have a dope thermometer

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  1. I just ordered an I-Pad case similar to that! I’m loving the felt and leather combo. And that martini shaker? Classy! Thanks for the great suggestions.

    1. so glad i could help!!!