holiday gift guide : for the little kids

i’m going to be repurposing my gift guides from last year, updating the links, adding a few more items — but i couldn’t go a holiday season without gift guides of course!

first up, adorable play things for the kids!

the first has to be a yoto! we love this cute little audiobook player. i recommend getting this travel player because it seems just as good and it’s cheaper. it also comes with a starter pack of cards. $79

and you can get cute jackets in super pretty colors like this green one! $22

my favorite thing is that once your kid has one, you can just keep gifting them story cards for all occasions (and its a very easy gift to request from relatives or friends!) you can buy on amazon — but if you buy on their website, they have a lot more cards to choose from in the card store! (and i saved some card holder options here)

the cutest little mini golf set! i love this and all gifts that would be fun for parents too!! $69

ok i can’t really figure out what this is but i love it — it’s like an obstacle course/marble run thing that makes noises as it goes?! i don’t know but it seems SO FUN. (it does say 8+ but i think it seems kinda fine for kids that are used to marbles and can play with it with a grownup?!) $69

ummm the most beautiful trampoline to ever exist?? sadly it won’t arrive in time for christmas, i’m soooo bummed, but it’s still such a fun gift idea $139


such a cute art easel — it comes with so many fun accessories and it can flip over into a table $49

on one side this is foosball, on the other it’s air hockey!!!! may result in a lot of boo boos but man this would be fun for parents too haha $125

very cute cottage dollhouse and a super good price too $129


another really sweet dollhouse — AND it comes with little furniture! $164

we have this scooter and it’s so handsome and works so well — i highly recommend!! $99

they only make it in pink now, but i included another scooter with a few more color options below.

another pretty scooter with a couple more colors to choose from $99

for arlos birthday a few years ago, all he wanted was a “pirate ship with an inside”, we got this one and we love it — it’s good looking and it’s super fun AND has an inside lol $100

because i mean what’s more fun than a crane? $54

for the flower child, a very cute flower press!! $69

every kid looooves magnet tiles, but they usually come in really bright primary colors and are super pricey, but these colors are so cute and they’re cheap (and well reviewed too)! $22

this set is also sooo pretty and comes with wheels! $49

some of the cutest walkie talkies i could find, cute colors and inexpensive $28

a sweet little tea set that comes with tons of fun accessories including coins so you can sell your tea $29

kids love marble runs!! this one not only looks pretty good but it also seems super sturdy which most don’t $120 (it is final sale just fyi!)

we loved these city blocks with arlo, super fun to create different scenes and the set comes with so much!! $36

for the budding photographer, a very cute kids digital camera $69

but for $20 more you could get an instant film camera if your kids are trustworthy lol $83

magnet scenes are so fun — but i especially love these because they include storage for the magnetic stickers (the ones we have were just strewn literally all over our entire house at all times) $25

these are the markers we got for arlo last year — they’re brush markers on one side and thin on the other and there are so many nice colors!! $29

for the aspiring drummers — this drum set is soooo so cute. $250

tool bench

this work bench is so good!! $35


if you don’t want to get the whole bench, here’s a fun (and pretty) little tool box that’s really inexpensive too $26

such a cute play kitchen that’s not insanely expensive — $160
and i have lots of play kitchens i like and lots and lots of play kitchen accessories rounded up here !!

a flexible rubber road set that you can build anywhere — $44


such a cute bike — and how sweet is the little basket? $129

we have a projection lamp and we love it. this one is very similar! $12

i mean — what kid doesn’t want a ride-on truck for christmas? the color is pretty cute, too. kind of a splurge gift but not if the grandparents all split it lollll $259

little doll with stuffy accessory

washable dolls that come with their OWN little stuffies and the cutest clothes !! love these $22

these rylee + cru dolls are also so sweet — and you can buy them clothes to match your kids! $79

can’t get over this cute pinball machine $44

the dj table i got izzy for christmas! $31

a perfect grandparent gift is a subscription kit — lalo just released play boxes that are so cute.

kiwi co subscription crates are also such a good grandparent gift — we have these in arlos closet for sick days / i’m bored days.

this sweet little piano is so easy on the eyes $109

my kids love this play tunnel so much!! and it’s not a total eyesore in the living room $29

such a pretty rainbow stacker $179

i love that this slide is foldable so you can stow it away when not being played with! $149

how fun is this ice cream cart? and it comes with a little bell for them to ring $79

if your child doesn’t have a toddler tower, they need one asap!! $124

the prettiest wooden block set i ever did see $29

and a fun wooden train set, this one comes with so many cute pieces! $129

this guitar is really fun and it comes in different colors. you can also download the app to teach your kids how to play! $98

i feel like doctor kits are always a hit — this one is pretty and made of silicone $24

a very adorable activity table $109

heyyy how about a nice-looking play couch?? you can also get it as a play castle or as a play gym $199

i got this music player for izzy and arlo loves it so much too. highly recommend! $24

my mom got this little house for izzy and its VERY FUN. $49

one of the cutest ride-on cars i’ve seen! $99

this was arlos and he loved it for years $109

good-looking basketball hoops can be hard to find, but this one is cute! $77

a mini karaoke machine!! are you kidding me?? $26

okay that’s all i’ve got this year! let me know what you plan on getting your little ones!!

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  1. This gift guide is so good. Thank you!!

  2. Love these! So many great ideas — definitely adding that tea set to my list!

  3. I’m gonna be honest, I have no kids to buy these items for and no friends or family with kids old enough or young enough for these items, and yet….. I want to buy them so bad! They’re so cute!! x
    minae ♡

  4. Such a good gift guide! Thank you!

  5. Great selections, molly. You always pick the best things.