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3 ways to make store-bought pie look homemade

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i love holidays, i love pie, and i really love ways to cheat and make easy store-bought things seem super fancy and not store-bought!!! so i thought with the holidays coming up, it would be super fun to show you three ways to spruce up pies you didn’t have to bake yourself! 

i ordered all the pies and the supplies from walmart’s online grocery service, they have pickup or delivery options– and new customers can use promo code TRIPLE10 to save $10 off their first three pickup or delivery orders. ($50 min. restrictions & fees apply.)

ever since the pandemic, i can’t bring myself to regularly grocery shop IRL anymore! i’ll do it on occasion, but omg i spent sooo much time doing things like grocery shopping or doing non-zoom meetings for things and now i refuse to waste my time!! it’s really changed my perspective on how many hours there are in a day lol.

anyway let me show you some easy ways to hack your store bought pies! 

i got a pumpkin pie, a sweet potato pie and a dutch apple pie but you could totally decorate a pecan pie like this too!

i would have loved to figure out how to remove the pies from the tins before placing in the pie dishes but i was too scared to mess them up. anyone know if it’s possible???

method #1 : decorate with premade pie crust 

this such an easy way to make a pie look sooo special. you could obviously use cookie cutters to make your shapes, but i thought simple leaves would be easy enough to do by hand, and i’m so happy with how they turned out!

cut out your leaves, bake on their own just until golden and let cool, then you can place on top of your pie. luckily it was a forgiving process and i was able to rearrange a few times to get it looking just like i wanted. 

method #2 : sugared cranberries + fresh herbs

for a super festive and also really pretty touch, i love sugared cranberries. my cousin put these on a sweet potato pie years ago and i looooved it.

it takes about an hour to make them — and then i just placed them all around the rim of the pie with fresh thyme sprigs, but mint or rosemary would also look really nice. 

method #3 : whipped topping and caramel sauce

this is obviously the easiest method of the three and probably the favorite in our house. we looove us some cool whip. smear the pie liberally with it and then just carefully squirt caramel across the top. if you want to get really fancy you could also top with some flaky sea salt, but i bought the sea salt caramel because i know what’s up.

another thing i like to do is chocolate shavings instead of the caramel! makes a pie feel real gourmet!

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