holiday gift guide / stocking stuffers

it’s time to start buying gifts! unless you’re one of those people running around the mall the week of, it’s time to start planning! i don’t know if it’s just me, but i LOOOOVE stocking gifts. maybe because it’s like 10 gifts in one and maybe because i love useless crap but stockings are THE BEST PART.

holiday gift guide 2013 - stocking stuffers

salt water taffy / keyring / 3d cat playing cards / bkr water bottle / iphone speaker / stone soap / brass bottle opener / kiehl’s hand salve / bobbi pins / iphone charger keyring / izola toothbrushes / enamel stapler / tattly temporary tattoos / donut air freshener 

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  1. Stockings are my favorite to buy for. You have a great list of ideas here. Thanks for sharing

  2. I love those bkr bottles. I keep meaning to buy one for myself!

    1. me too! but never will. definitely more of a present i want someone to give me haha

  3. Love your gift ideas! especially the iphone charger! You definitely got some ideas sparked in my mind!