valentine’s day gift guide for her

one more v-day gift guide! this one is for your co-worker, mom, sister, friend — or for you to send to your significant other and be like “hey choose something from this list for me because she’s really good at curating gifts and anything on here would be good.” wow omg that is so nice thank you!!!

the prices range from high to low so that you can find something for any recipient, no matter how close you are or how inexpensive of a gift they gave you (who’s counting?)

01. gid could get me cookbooks till the day i die and i’d be happy, even if i don’t use them.
02. storage containers? this might sound weird i know. but i could own 100 of these and it wouldn’t be enough, i will always find uses for them and they are my secret to a cleaner kitchen counter.
03. how cool is this standing pen? i want.
04. we all love face masks… you can’t go wrong.
05. i love the oversized bead and tassel on this bucket bag.
06. you also can’t go wrong with a pretty nail polish, this color is so nice.
07. i am always on the hunt for a pretty reed diffuser and i’ve finally found it!
08. everyone loves pizza, but i bet most people don’t have a pretty pizza cutter!
09. it seems like everyone and their mom suddenly have a disco ball in their living room, well i want one too!
10. love these bluetooth headphones! they’re so pretty.
11. these face earrings are so cute and SO inexpensive!
12. a pretty art book like rothko for the coffee table

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  1. I need a disco ball too! I have some small ones that are also string lights, but I can’t seem to find any decently sized ones, despite the fact that everyone else has been buying them recently. I want to be part of the club, too!

    Indya || The Small Adventurer