holiday gift guide : for the entertainer

making these gift guides over the years is always a favorite for me, but it’s also v bad for me at the same time, because i end up wanting everything. literally everything! i guess that’s the idea but man it’s so hard to keep myself from adding it all to my cart. 

01. iridescent champagne flutes! they would be fun to pull out every time you’re celebrating.
02. fancy soap is one of those no-fail gifts always (and you can reuse the pretty bottles forever)
03. love the handles of this cheese knife set.
04. these color block cocktail napkins would look amazing displayed on their bar.
05. i love this confetti tumbler as a little vase so much.
06. these copper place card holders are the perfect hostess gift.
07. this set of candle holders is the easiest way to dress up any dull table.
08. i mean, this cheese grater. 
09. obsessed with the organic shape of this divided serving platter.
10. for the host who loves to throw parties, the dopest punchbowl!
11. these subtle tie dye napkins are so, so pretty.

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  1. I’m constantly impressed by your ability to comb the internet for cute things! I want to add so many of your suggestions to my xmas list ?