payday wishlist

payday wishlist

one . it’s almost january – the time when i’m like hey i should buy a stendig calendar. but i never do. not once.
two . as always, i’m a sucker for geo shaped anything. love these melamine bowls. they’d look so good with my lucky charms. yes i am still 7.
three . this ring by a peace treaty is perfect. am i wrong? it’s perfect.
four . not sure i’d pay $63 for a paper towel holder — but if i did, it’d be this paper towel holder.
five . the ranarp lamps from ikea would look so good next to my bed and i want right now (via design*sponge)
six . love this patterned rug (and everything) from grandiflora – the new shop from erin of house of earnest

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  1. I need to order my Stendig calendar too! I really like the geo bowl/ceramics, so glad UO has them… thanks for sharing!

  2. Every december I think the same, I need a Stendig. And then it’s january and I don’t need it… crazy stuff. Love these!

  3. Lindsay T says:

    I just ordered my Stendig! $34 at Crate and Barrell! It shipped in less than a week!

  4. Molly, how do you make such precise selections in Photoshop?? Your roundups always look awesome.

      1. haha! i was just going to say a lot of pen tool and multiply!