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i link you // 12

ez comes up with such simple diys — this week she did these thanksgiving printable luminaries that are easy and lovely. (via creature comforts)

aspiring photographer kyle thompson had social anxiety, so he took hundreds of self portraits. and they’re aaamazing. (via viralnova)

gab of the artful desperado shared three soul warming coffee recipes that make you want to curl up and … well, drink coffee. (via the artful desperado)

i didn’t really like cats until a year and a half ago. that’s when i watched my cats come out of another cat. and now i can proudly say i live for my cats. and if you too love your cat or hopefully cats (because they’re better in pairs), you must read this list right now and giggle a little like i did. ok i giggled a lot. (via distractify)

loooove the styling, art direction and of course jewelry from the new kate miss lookbook.

i’ve been wanting to make a display shelf lately, and brittni inspired me. she didn’t think she could do it. she totally did it! check out her adorable christmas tree display shelf on curbly. (via paper & stitch)

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  1. Thanks so much for including my tree shelf DIY, Molly! And so great to be included with Gab. When I saw the way he styled those recipes I pretty much flipped out. He’s so talented.

    1. i know omg. but also your shelf is SO GOOD.

  2. I don’t have any cats, but I now realize war is missing tom my life.

  3. pfsshaww…you guys! Thank you! Delighted to be amongst such talented ladies.