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maybe it makes me a huge dork – but i still love full house. yes i know it’s bad. but it’s the best bad. and fallon always targets my generation — it’s like he knows me. and now he got my full house boyfriends together. (for the record – joey is no boyfriend of mine)

we’ve been wanting to get surround sound for years – but it’s either crazy expensive or hideous. these diy speaker covers make me think it’s totally possible. (via a beautiful mess)

every few months, i am obsessed with a new house tour and all i want to do is live in that house. well i’ve found my new favorite. (via sfgirlbybay)

brittany has been killing it (per ushe) with valentines DIYs. this heart chain would make a perfect photo backdrop (via the house that lars built)

any no-sew DIY is exciting for me – how cute is this no-sew leather and wood clutch? (via always rooney)

peter smart redesigned the standard boarding pass using the same amount of ink, the same information, and the same paper. how much easier would it be to read your ticket at the airport?! this really shows the power of the design. (via npr)

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  1. I loved that sketch with the Full House guys! Such a great throwback. Thanks for linking over to my wood and leather diy!