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hi! i’ve been really busy dealing with everything backyard lately, as you saw, it’s coming along but we’re still not out of the clear. next week we’re going away for the weekend for our birthdays and i’m very pumped to be away from stressing about it. but till then, we don’t have many plans this weekend so that always makes me happy. you guys have a good weekend and here are some fun links! 

which foods do you think are healthy?
the white house photographers favorite obama photos
the best nude nail polishes for every skin tones
i love these DIY soaps
wanna buy this runner rug for our kitchen
watch this friends extra chew her coffee its so funny
if you like albert brooks, then here are your weekend plans


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  1. I love your mirror!!!!! Where does it come from?

  2. Wait a minute….What?? I have a small, entry in my modern/industrial townhouse and have been trying to figure out how to make it practical and tidy, yet stylish, and this picture is IT! Can you tell me about this bench? Is it a buy or DIY? It’s perfect for my tight space! ANd those simple hooks? Love them, and wonder where you found it?!? Are the hooks sturdy enough to actually hold winter jackets and heavier items? Would love to know the details as the space has been making me CRAZY for 2 years!

    1. If I remember correctly, she had the bench custom made! (Typing that made me realize that I have been following this home renovation/decoration very closely. But not too closely. Ha!)

      1. Close enough! Thank you! Molly is this a custom bench?

        1. it is! we just went to hardwood store and told him what wood and size we wanted and it ended up being cheaper than had we bought one (under $300)

          1. Hi Molly, Do you have the dimensions? I would love to remake it!

  3. Hi! Is that the Umbra Hub mirror? I am thinking of using it for the exact same set up in our entry way, but I am worried it is too noticeably rubbery. Looks awesome here though! Is it noticeable in person?


    1. it’s really not noticeable unless you’re way up close. it’s so much cheaper than options in the same size that i think its worth it!

      1. Great! Thanks. Yes – it seems that the options for big, round mirrors are really limited unless you want to spend a zillion dollars, which is weird because they are so popular. Anyway thanks for letting me know. It really does look fabulous!!

      2. What size of mirror are you using? The 37”? And is your bench 5’ long?

  4. Hi Molly, what type of wood/finish/dimensions is the bench! It’s exactly what I’m looking for.